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Abstinence: A Guaranteed Way To Avoid Pregnancy and STD’s

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By Nathan A. Cherry

 The liberal left, Planned Parenthood, and other proponents of contraceptive-based sex-education will try to tell us that such education is the only way to reduce teen pregnancy and STD’s; despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

 Recently the CDC reported that teen pregnancy and STD rates are at all-time highs, and continuing to climb. (Click here for the CDC report)

 Then there is a recent report found at showing research results from many major research institutions on a variety of teen related topics. This report shows the link between teen depression/suicide and sexual activity, and the positive effects of parent-teen homework assignments designed to reinforce communication between parents and teens.

 But quite strikingly is the findings related to abstinence education on the rate of sexual initiation and sexual activity among teens. Here are several conclusions from the report:

                “Researchers examined the impact of a school-based abstinence education program on the initiation of sexual intercourse by virgin adolescents. They also sought to determine the program’s impact on adolescent social cognitive factors linked to adolescent sexual initiation. The researchers concluded that the program achieved its goal of reducing the rate at which adolescents initiated sexual intercourse. Adolescent virgins who participated in the program were approximately one-half as likely as non-participants to initiate sexual activity after one year.”

“This paper discusses 21 studies of abstinence education. Fifteen studies examined abstinence programs that were intended primarily to teach abstinence. Of these 15 studies, 11 reported positive findings. The other six studies analyzed virginity pledges, and of these six studies, five reported positive findings. Overall, 16 of the 21 studies reported statistically significant positive results, such as delayed sexual initiation and reduced levels of early sexual activity, among youths who have received abstinence education. Five studies did not report any significant positive results.”

“The authors analyzed data from interviews with 3,750 men and 3,620 women, conducted for the National Longitudinal Study of Youth (1979 to 2000). They found that women who were virgins at age 18 were, by middle adulthood (between ages 36 and 43), more likely than their peers to be debt-free and less likely to have used welfare benefits or to have experienced health problems. Both men and women who were virgins at age 18 attained more education than their peers and were half as likely to become divorced by middle adulthood. These findings held true when the authors controlled for ethnicity and measures of previous educational or economic disadvantage.”

What should be immediately apparent is the obvious and positive role that abstinence education plays in the lives of teens. This is not partisan politics we are talking about here; this is the health and well-being of our children. Anyone who denies the positive results of abstinence education is quite simply foolish. If the ultimate goal is to see our children stay healthy then abstinence is the only guaranteed way to achieve that objective. How can a girl get pregnant if she doesn’t have sex? How can a young man contract an STD if he does not have sex? It is practically impossible. Anyone who says otherwise is deceiving themselves.

And yet, our government would like to further push a failing program of contraceptive education. And why? Because there is a mentality that says kids are going to have sex anyways, so let’s just show them the right way to do it. Well, kids are going to drink illegally, should we show them how to do that “properly” as well? Maybe we should lower the drinking age to make it easier on everyone. That is the mentality behind the ludicrous idea of teaching grade-school children about sex. Hey, Uncle Sam, that is mom and dad’s job. Hey, mom and dad, that is your job.

The fact that contraceptive education is failing is a growing fact among social analysts. Moira Gaul, Director of Women’s and Reproductive Health at the Family Research Council, says,

After 30 years of implementation and evaluation, there is no compelling evidence of contraceptive distribution and instruction programs having had a sustained and meaningful effect on “protective” behaviors-that is, “consistent and correct condom use” in classroom-type settings. As a public health intervention method, contraceptive programs have simply failed American youth: An STD epidemic currently exists amongst young people. One in four teenage girls nationwide has an STD, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the U.S. continues to have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world; and the toll from the negative psychological [effects] associated with adolescent sex is having an impact on mental health and the pursuit of life-goals.”

Not only are contraception programs failing, they are helping contribute to single parent homes in poverty, substance abuse, lower academic achievement, and school drop-out rates according to Gaul. And yet our government wants to continue pushing these programs. Something tells me they are not concerned at all for the health and well-being of our children, but rather the pockets of their financial donors.

There will never be such a thing as a 100% successful public sex-education program. But evidence for success is overwhelmingly on the side of abstinence education over contraception education when it comes to the overall short and long-term health and well-being of children. That should be enough for any person, republican, democrat or otherwise to support such education.

Further Food for Thought: “Abstinence Education is the Key,” by Moira Gaul
“Abstinence Education: A Selection of Research,” by Linda Klepacki

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Maybe She’s Born with It.

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How a British Columbia study helps to further prove that homosexuality is not genetic. 


How often do we hear about the “fact” that homosexual behavior is genetic, it is in-born, and it is not a choice at all? Depending on how much biased media you allow into your brain you will hear it quite often and very emphatic if nothing else.


So perhaps it will come as just as much of a shock to you, as it was to me, that lesbian, gay, and bi-sexual teens in British Columbia are “not necessarily only going to be having sex with their same gender.”


A recent study by Elizabeth Saewyc, associate professor in the school of nursing at the University of British Columbia and research director of the McCreary Centre Society, and published in a Toronto publication claims that “lesbian, gay, and bisexual teens in British Columbia are at higher risk of becoming pregnant or causing a pregnancy than their heterosexual peers.” Click here for the story from the Alliance Defense Fund webpage.


Now wait just a minute. Am I supposed to believe that homosexual girls are getting pregnant and homosexual guys are impregnating girls at greater rates than heterosexuals? That would mean that homosexuals are having sex with persons of the opposite sex. But if they are “born” homosexual, if it is “genetic,” if they “can’t help who they are attracted to,” why in the world are they having sex with people of the opposite sex?


I have a possible answer to that not-so-hypothetical question. Could it be that these teens are not “born” gay, they are not ‘genetically” gay, and they actually CAN help who they are attracted to? After reading this article which, quite frankly I am surprised was allowed to be published, it would seem that the conclusions of countless biologists who say there is nothing to support the claim that a person is born gay is correct.


Saewyc went on to say,

 “We assume that sexual attraction, sexual behavior and sexual identity are going to be 100 per cent consistent for people. And that’s not the case. So they may know who they’re attracted to. They may identify. But they’re not necessarily only going to be having sex with their same gender.”

 I don’t mean to be blunt, but that is just the silliest thing I have heard all day. And for the record, when I say that I am heterosexual, I mean it, 100 per cent of the time. In fact, it seems rather suspect to me for a person to claim to be homosexual, to be “born that way,” and then to feel the need to experiment with persons of the opposite sex. And if anyone would like to equate the “struggles” of the gay community with the civil rights struggles of the African-American people, just try and find one African-American who “experimented” with being white, or Hispanic.


This information is not so laughable considering the divisiveness of the issue here in America. The gay community wants us to believe that they did not choose to be homosexual, that they cannot help it. And yet here is plain evidence that homosexuals are not 100 per cent attracted to the same sex. And the difference here is that rarely, if ever, do we hear about a heterosexual being at all attracted to persons of the same sex. (Giving credit to the fact that some call themselves bi-sexual, I am speaking primarily of those who classify themselves as heterosexuals.)


 But some still don’t take the hint and get the message. David Wolfe, a clinical psychologist in Toronto said in the article,


“The take-away (message) to me is we have to normalize in our education of teens around such sexual orientation. It’s much like racism and sexism…”


No Mr. Wolfe that is not the message. The message is that many teens are hurting and confused because they live in a media fed society that tells them how they should be, while the government tells their parents what they can and cannot teach them, all while their school system seeks to indoctrinate them with every humanistic and non-religious philosophy under the sun. Which is why the media should stick to reporting actual news and not making it up, the government should listen to the people and allow them to decide what laws are passed in the land they live, and the schools should reinforce the family as the central unit from which a strong, well-balanced person emerges.


And oh yeah, mom and dad, turn the television off and spend more time with your kids.


Let’s boil this down. If a person is truly homosexual then they have no desire for persons of the opposite sex. So if homosexual teens are getting pregnant and impregnating persons of the opposite sex at rates of two and half to four times those of their heterosexual counterparts, as this study asserts, something does not add up.


And more than likely it’s the fact that homosexuality is not the genetic condition that the gay community has claimed it is. As I have mentioned here several times before and will continue to mention, we all know of an ex-homosexual, but not a single person knows an ex-African-American.


With countless resources out there that are having great success with helping people with unwanted same sex attractions to free themselves from those attractions, it is evident that homosexuality is not genetic, it is a choice. Some teens are not sure which to choose, some are choosing to walk away from that lifestyle, and still some would choose to impose their personal choice on everyone else.


But the bottom line is that it is still just a choice.   


Further Food for Thought: 

A Newsweek e-debate over their recently published article claiming the Bible supports same-sex marriage.

Settling the Issue:  Same-Sex Marriage IS NOT a Civil Right 


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Written by Nathan Cherry

December 19, 2008 at 1:18 pm