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WV Senators Vote to Fund Abortions Worldwide

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Yesterday, the United States Senate had the opportunity to reject the President’s plan to use billions of taxpayer dollars to fund abortions worldwide.   On the question, “To restore the prohibition on funding of nongovernmental organizations that promote abortion as a method of birth control (the “Mexico City Policy“),” Senator’s Rockefeller and Byrd voted “Nay.”  Just to be clear, that means the good Senators voted in favor of using more taxpayer dollars to fund abortions, nationally and internationally.

In related news, President Obama appears poised to make good on his campaign promise to begin the funding of UNFPA – the United Nations Fund for Population Activities.  One might ask why the Bush administration ceased this practice.  According to,

President Bush halted funding for UNFPA when it was discovered by an independent investigation in 2001, and confirmed by a U.S. State Department investigation in 2002, that the UN group supported restrictive laws and coercive population control tactics in China, including forced abortion and sterilization.

In President Obama’s announcement that he was rescinding the Mexico City Policy, he noted his rationale:

I have directed my staff to reach out to those on all sides of this issue to achieve the goal of reducing unintended pregnancies.  They will also work to promote safe motherhood, reduce maternal and infant mortality rates and increase educational and economic opportunities for women and girls.

In addition, I look forward to working with Congress to restore U.S. financial support for the U.N. Population Fund.  By resuming funding to UNFPA, the U.S. will be joining 180 other donor nations working collaboratively to reduce poverty, improve the health of women and children, prevent HIV/AIDS and provide family planning assistance to women in 154 countries.

Apparently, promoting “safe motherhood” is agreeing with the policy of some nations to force abortions on women.  I suppose, since most on the pro-abortion side of the argument conclude that the “fetus” is not an infant, that would achieve President Obama’s goal of reducing “infant mortality” as well.

I don’t think so.  

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Written by Jeremy Dys

January 29, 2009 at 2:57 pm

Mona Lisa Frowns

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In this week’s West Virginia Record, my commentary on what I call “the ugly underbelly of the abortion industry” (not that there’s an attractive part of that industry) entitled, “Mona Lisa Frowns” appears.

I begin my commentary with the following two scenarios:

Picture this. A young woman, appearing to be about 13 years old, stumbles into a medical clinic. Her hair has been pulled out in places. Her clothes torn. She bleeds from her face, has scratches all over her torso, and bears bruises that are the hallmarks of sexual abuse. Her face expresses the fear that is unique to someone having just been raped by a man more than twice her age. 

Now picture this. A young woman, appearing to be about 13 years old, walks cautiously into a medical clinic. Her hair is finely kept. Her clothes immaculate. There are no signs of blood, no scratches, or signs of abuse whatsoever. Her face expresses the fear of having to reveal that the man with whom she has just had sex — a man more than twice her age — is going to be a father.

Of course, the twist is the health care provider’s response.  To read the commentary in it’s entirety, please visit the online home of The West Virginia Record.

When you are done, watch the videos linked below, from the project, “Operation: Mona Lisa Smiles.”

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Written by Jeremy Dys

January 8, 2009 at 2:41 pm

Abortion Hurts Women

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New Harris Poll, billboard tells the truth about abortion.


A new Harris Poll has discovered that most pro-choice politicians and incoming President Barack Obama are out of touch on the abortion issue with the American people.


The mainstream media would have us all believe that Americans want fewer abortion laws. Laws pertaining to parental notification, informed consent, and partial birth abortion will all be under attack with the abortion-friendly congress and Obama administration. But these are the precise laws that more Americans want to see tightened and enforced. As well as protection for doctors and nurses from being forced to perform abortions against their consciences.


The pro-life movement in California is fighting back with a 20×60 sign that reads Abortion Hurts Women and information on getting in touch with post-abortion counselors.


Others, like the pro-life office of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which sponsored the recent Harris Poll, are using education to reach out to politicians concerning the will of the American people.


“These findings are remarkable. This research indicates how out of touch pro-abortion groups are with mainstream America,” said Deirdre McQuade, spokeswoman for the Conference of Catholic Bishops.


So what were the results of the poll? The poll found:


Only 9% of Americans favor abortion on demand for any reason during a nine month pregnancy.


88% of Americans favor informed consent laws which would provide women seeking abortion information on the risks and alternatives to abortion.

76% believe there should be conscience rights to protect doctors and nurses from performing procedures which violate their conscience and/or faith.


 73% support parental notification laws so that a minor cannot obtain an abortion without first informing her parents.


68% of Americans favor banning partial-birth abortion.

63% of Americans favor banning all taxpayer funded abortions.


Most of these statistics show a 3-1 ratio, with the rest showing a 2-1 ratio, which is so astounding considering the current abortion laws that exist in the United States. This begs the question, if a major majority of Americans support these laws on abortion, why aren’t the current laws being changed? Why aren’t the American people being allowed to vote on this issue?


Quite simply I would say that abortion merchants such as Planned Parenthood, with their millions of dollars of taxpayer funding are in the ears of Washington lawmakers. They ignore the facts, ignore the risks to women’s health, and in many cases, ignore the law, as seen in the videos exposing Planned Parenthoods cover up of the rape of a 13 year old girl. Here you will see the proponents of death work diligently to restrict the information people have about life.


It must be understood that life is the most fundamental and inalienable right protected in the Constitution of the United States. Life must be fiercely defended if we ever hope to remain a civilized nation that deserves respect and admiration from others. Without the protection of life it is not possible for a nation or a people to claim to be great.


The fact that our Creator has endowed us with certain inalienable rights, such as life, cannot be ignored and overlooked anymore. Death merchants such as Planned Parenthood should be held accountable for their illegal practices. And the lawmakers in Washington need to get back in touch with the desires of the American people regarding the sanctity of life.


This is not a pro-life, pro-choice issue. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. This issue cuts across every political and socio-economic line and reaches to each one of us personally. As the bumper sticker says, “Aren’t you glad your mother chose life.” Now let’s do the same for the millions of voices that cannot speak.


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