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UN Sex-Education Guidelines Keeps Parents, Morals Out

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The UN believes teachers and politicians are the only ones qualified to teach sex-ed.

By Nathan A. Cherry

 Martinsburg, WV – A fantastic article came across my desk by Janice Shaw Crouse, writing at, entitled “A Report on the U.N.’s Shocking Sexuality Guidelines.” I would encourage every parent of a school-aged child to read this article in order to gain a better understanding of the liberal-lefts agenda in “educating” your children. But for the space I would reproduce the article here, I will however summarize some keys aspects and hope you will take time to read the full article later.

 This summer the United Nations Economic, Social and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) – two United Nations agencies – issued some very controversial and troubling new guidelines for desired sex-education of children around the world. Let me highlight some of the main points of the new guidelines:

 The “need and entitlement” for sexuality education for children beginning at age five.

The absolute human “right” of young people to have sexuality education, access to condoms, and abortion-on-demand.

In the view of the United Nations, sexuality education is the responsibility of “education and health authorities” not parents.

Five- to eight-year-olds are told that “touching and rubbing one’s genitals … ‘can feel pleasurable.

Nine- to twelve-year-olds learn how to get and use condoms, emergency contraception, the “signs and symptoms” of pregnancy, and all about sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Twelve- to fifteen-year-olds are told about their right to safe abortions and post abortion care, how to use emergency contraception, and that the size and shape of the penis or breasts does not affect sexual pleasure. Read the rest of this entry »


Written by Nathan Cherry

September 3, 2009 at 10:08 am

Abstinence Education Gains a Victory in Croatia

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Feminists and Abortion groups failed to produce credible evidence of programs failure.

By Nathan A. Cherry

 Martinsburg, WV – I’ve never been to Croatia. I am not entirely sure where Croatia is on the globe either. But I can tell you this; I am a big fan of Croatia at the moment. Recently the Croatian school system adopted a pro-abstinence sex-education program for teaching throughout the country, much to the delight of the vast majority of Croatian families. Of course you know that was unacceptable to the leftist groups within the country that felt the choice of curriculum violated the European Social Charter, a human rights document binding on all states within the Council of Europe.

 In come the feminists groups, and the abortion groups to challenge the decision. They would assert that “a sex education curriculum preferred by most Croatian families violated the charter.” (Click here for the article) And why did they oppose this particular curriculum? According to the article released by the ADF, whose legal counsel Roger Kiska represented the organization which produced the curriculum, the complaint was,

“The curriculum teaches that abstinence is the only guaranteed means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.”

 Now, I’m not a biologist, or sex-therapist, or any other sort of medical professional that can be called an “expert” in these matters. But, being a human being with logical common sense I can rightly conclude that abstinence is indeed the only guaranteed way of preventing STD’s and pregnancy. In fact, I am willing to lay my reputation on the line to back that statement up. Barring freak circumstances and acts of God abstinence is the most effective way to prevent these occurrences.

 But I think Mr. Kiska rightly spoke of the oppositions true motives when he said, Read the rest of this entry »

Abortion and Sex-Ed programs are Worst Option

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Recent studies show that abortion harms women, abstinence far more successful in the classroom.

By Nathan A. Cherry

Martinsburg, WV – “The thought of the word “abortion” should be unthinkable.” These words were spoken recently by Alveda King at a locally organized pro-life event at Rocky Mount High-School. I wish more people had this mind-set when it came to the murder of innocent children.

Ms. King, relative of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. became a staunch pro-life supporter after her own abortion experiences before accepting Christ in 1983. At the community event she said,

“This country was founded upon the respect for personal freedom; nobody should go against his or her conscious or moral values in order to keep their job. This is what abortion will do.” (Click here for origin)

Ms. King is referencing an open letter written to President Obama regarding his proposed health-care reform in which abortion on demand will be included at tax-payer’s expense; and doctors and nurses will risk losing their jobs for refusing to perform abortions on religious grounds.

Amazingly it would seem that all that is needed to reduce abortion rates is a little education on abstinence and the potential hazards for a woman’s health that exist from abortion.

“Abstinence is the first line of defense in preventing abortion. A woman does have the right to choose. But her moment of choice comes before she has made the choice to become sexually active. We need to educate people on that moment of choice,” said Marica Brown, director of the “Worth Waiting 4” program. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Nathan Cherry

August 25, 2009 at 7:22 pm

FPC Media Blitz: LGBT Ordinance Challenged, Abortion Linked to Breast Cancer, Sex-Change Inmate Wants New Prison

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By Nathan A. Cherry

 Below you will find some of the top stories making headlines in our country today. Click on any of the titles for the full story.

 “Abstinence Funds Dropped from Another Bill” Apparently those pesky liberal lawmakers have not learned anything from the conclusive studies showing the effectiveness of abstinence education on the mental, social, and academic well-being of teenagers. Someone’s flunking out.

 “Kalamazoo LGBT Ordinance Challenged” We are spoon-fed the lie that “everyone” wants to see sexual orientation and gender identity protected because it is the same as race or other classes. Here is a perfect example of reality; people challenging a city ordinance because they DO NOT believe these are equal.

 “What God has Joined Together” Data showing how faith can play a big part in the married life of adults. Thos who attend church as adolescents are less likely to divorce. So, contrary to minority opinion/belief, faith plays a big part in the life of a person. Maybe we should think about protecting freedom of religion more than freedom of “I don’t want to be a man; I want to be a woman today.”

 “Women With Abortions have Significantly Increased Risk of Breast Cancer” I guess no one told our U.S. lawmakers that abortion really does hurt women because they keep pushing abortion and abortion funding on all of us; despite overwhelming opposition against abortion. Wait a minute that could be because of all the campaign funding abortion (death) merchants provide. I get it now; money in the pocket is more valuable than women’s lives.

 “Serial Bigamist Allowed to Walk Free” Here is the next step if same-sex “marriage” is legalized. We will find ourselves paying tax dollars so courts can deal with ridiculous cases such as this. All while people claim defenses of “personality disorder” for why they were married five times. Don’t mess with marriage.

 “Sex Change Inmate Seeks Prison Move” What happens when “gender identity” is protected? An already difficult-to-deal-with prison system gets further complicated when the guy in the next cell that is living as a woman wants transferred to a women’s prison. Why? Because he thinks it will be easier to escape with all the women around? Or because of all the women around. I bet he is tired of looking at the guys in his cell block and would enjoy looking at some women for a change. How silly can we get? Next thing you know every man in San Quentin will want a transfer because he feels like a woman today.

 Stay up to date on what is happening in your country and world by reading the Family Policy Council’s blog: Engage.

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Abstinence: A Guaranteed Way To Avoid Pregnancy and STD’s

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By Nathan A. Cherry

 The liberal left, Planned Parenthood, and other proponents of contraceptive-based sex-education will try to tell us that such education is the only way to reduce teen pregnancy and STD’s; despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

 Recently the CDC reported that teen pregnancy and STD rates are at all-time highs, and continuing to climb. (Click here for the CDC report)

 Then there is a recent report found at showing research results from many major research institutions on a variety of teen related topics. This report shows the link between teen depression/suicide and sexual activity, and the positive effects of parent-teen homework assignments designed to reinforce communication between parents and teens.

 But quite strikingly is the findings related to abstinence education on the rate of sexual initiation and sexual activity among teens. Here are several conclusions from the report:

                “Researchers examined the impact of a school-based abstinence education program on the initiation of sexual intercourse by virgin adolescents. They also sought to determine the program’s impact on adolescent social cognitive factors linked to adolescent sexual initiation. The researchers concluded that the program achieved its goal of reducing the rate at which adolescents initiated sexual intercourse. Adolescent virgins who participated in the program were approximately one-half as likely as non-participants to initiate sexual activity after one year.”

“This paper discusses 21 studies of abstinence education. Fifteen studies examined abstinence programs that were intended primarily to teach abstinence. Of these 15 studies, 11 reported positive findings. The other six studies analyzed virginity pledges, and of these six studies, five reported positive findings. Overall, 16 of the 21 studies reported statistically significant positive results, such as delayed sexual initiation and reduced levels of early sexual activity, among youths who have received abstinence education. Five studies did not report any significant positive results.”

“The authors analyzed data from interviews with 3,750 men and 3,620 women, conducted for the National Longitudinal Study of Youth (1979 to 2000). They found that women who were virgins at age 18 were, by middle adulthood (between ages 36 and 43), more likely than their peers to be debt-free and less likely to have used welfare benefits or to have experienced health problems. Both men and women who were virgins at age 18 attained more education than their peers and were half as likely to become divorced by middle adulthood. These findings held true when the authors controlled for ethnicity and measures of previous educational or economic disadvantage.”

What should be immediately apparent is the obvious and positive role that abstinence education plays in the lives of teens. This is not partisan politics we are talking about here; this is the health and well-being of our children. Anyone who denies the positive results of abstinence education is quite simply foolish. If the ultimate goal is to see our children stay healthy then abstinence is the only guaranteed way to achieve that objective. How can a girl get pregnant if she doesn’t have sex? How can a young man contract an STD if he does not have sex? It is practically impossible. Anyone who says otherwise is deceiving themselves.

And yet, our government would like to further push a failing program of contraceptive education. And why? Because there is a mentality that says kids are going to have sex anyways, so let’s just show them the right way to do it. Well, kids are going to drink illegally, should we show them how to do that “properly” as well? Maybe we should lower the drinking age to make it easier on everyone. That is the mentality behind the ludicrous idea of teaching grade-school children about sex. Hey, Uncle Sam, that is mom and dad’s job. Hey, mom and dad, that is your job.

The fact that contraceptive education is failing is a growing fact among social analysts. Moira Gaul, Director of Women’s and Reproductive Health at the Family Research Council, says,

After 30 years of implementation and evaluation, there is no compelling evidence of contraceptive distribution and instruction programs having had a sustained and meaningful effect on “protective” behaviors-that is, “consistent and correct condom use” in classroom-type settings. As a public health intervention method, contraceptive programs have simply failed American youth: An STD epidemic currently exists amongst young people. One in four teenage girls nationwide has an STD, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; the U.S. continues to have the highest teen pregnancy rate in the industrialized world; and the toll from the negative psychological [effects] associated with adolescent sex is having an impact on mental health and the pursuit of life-goals.”

Not only are contraception programs failing, they are helping contribute to single parent homes in poverty, substance abuse, lower academic achievement, and school drop-out rates according to Gaul. And yet our government wants to continue pushing these programs. Something tells me they are not concerned at all for the health and well-being of our children, but rather the pockets of their financial donors.

There will never be such a thing as a 100% successful public sex-education program. But evidence for success is overwhelmingly on the side of abstinence education over contraception education when it comes to the overall short and long-term health and well-being of children. That should be enough for any person, republican, democrat or otherwise to support such education.

Further Food for Thought: “Abstinence Education is the Key,” by Moira Gaul
“Abstinence Education: A Selection of Research,” by Linda Klepacki

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Sex Education Part II: STD’s on the Rise, Government Programs Fail

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I brought you commentary earlier this week on the striking difference between the attitude toward sex education in other parts of the world like India and Latin America; and the attitude here in the United States. These countries claim that sex-education is the duty of parents and has no business in the public schools being taught by government employees, to which I full agree.

 Now a federal sex-education program which stresses abstinence is set to expire, and the Obama administration has no plans to reinstate it.

 In the mid 90’s a program called Title XX Adolescent Family Life (AFL) began as a sex-education program geared toward teaching abstinence to the youth of America. The program has since changed its name to Title, but the message that the only truly safe sex is within the confines of a monogamous, committed relationship has not changed. And it’s this message that has opponents of Title V eagerly awaiting its expiration on June 30 of this year.

 Part of Title V opponents’ disdain for the program is due to its operating definition of what human sexuality ought to be. This definition said that the expected standard of human sexual activity was a mutually faithful, monogamous relationship in the context of marriage.”

 Call me crazy but that sounds like a pretty good working definition of what human sexuality ought to be. Only within the boundaries of a committed, monogamous relationship can a person guarantee their sexual and physical health. Dangers of STD’s and other issues become immensely more magnified when either the word “committed,” or “monogamous” is replaced.

 Those at the greatest risk are the youth between the ages of 15-24 years of age. The CDC reports that Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis cases have been steadily rising for several years. This tells me that the governments re-shifted focus on comprehensive sex-education in schools, with an emphasis on condom and birth control distribution, has largely failed.

 Let’s be honest, if you take a bunch of hormone driven young people and give them exclusive access to all the condoms and birth control they want, and then tell them to “be responsible,” what do you think is going to happen? The result will be a rise of teenage pregnancy, followed by a rise in both the rate of teenage abortions or single moms on government subsidized programs that don’t finish high-school or college. And let’s not forget a rise in unpaid child support, which will tie up the courts for years to come. The evidence of this can be clearly seen in the present social climate.

 So is government mandated abstinence based sex-education the answer? No, I don’t think so. I think the answer has nothing to do with the government at all. The government, especially in regards to public education needs to focus on the life skills that will prepare our children to be productive members of society; not teenage dropouts dependant on Uncle Sam. The public education should be focusing on ways to increase reading, math and science scores, not how to use a condom.

 As for sex-education, it’s time for moms and dads across the country to be responsible parents and teach your kids about sex. It’s time for church youth and college ministries to quit being silent on the issue and teach your youth groups how to stand in a culture of giving in.

 However, if you, mom and dad, and you, church youth minister, choose to ignore this responsibility, please don’t whine and complain about “government interference,” and the “terrible state of society.” Afterall, you helped contribute to the problem. 

 Further Food for Thought: “Sex Education – Not the Governments Job”

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Sex Education – Not the Governments Job

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The decree by liberal educators and social psychologists that government mandated sex-education and 24/7 access to condoms and abortion clinics is helpful has found stark contrast in other countries; particularly India and Latin America.

 In a report carried by Christian New Wire, Fr. Thomas J. Euteneuer, president of Human Life International, blasted the UN Economic and Social Council after it called for “comprehensive sexuality education starting in early childhood,” after claiming that such education “neither accelerates sexual debut, nor increases the frequency of sexual relations.”  Mr. Euteneuer’s comments are below in their entirety from the article.

“This is absolute nonsense! We know from almost every study on the topic that this is the exact opposite of the truth. Condom promotion has not stopped HIV in the developing world. And propagandizing young children about a value-neutral approach to sex, and telling them that they’ll be safe if they use condoms is exactly how you get them to start practicing sex before marriage.”

“This outrage is perpetrated by pagans forcing their hedonistic values on the families of the only Catholic continent in the world. It is a violation of sovereignty of nations and of the rights of parents to teach their kids on these delicate matters. The innocence of children is too precious of a gift to throw away in deference to government and its coercive modern amorality. Parents, teachers, and all people of good will, let’s tell them to get their grubby hands off our kids!”

I would like to thank Mr. Euteneuer for his words or wisdom, and pass them along to American educators and lawmakers on the behalf of millions of American parents who whole-heartedly agree with such a philosophy. But not before I add a few more thoughts and comments from the Indian government on a proposed introduction of sex-education into their public school. The following comments are from

“The Indian government has rejected western-style sex education programs, saying they do nothing to solve the problem of teenage pregnancy but only exacerbate the problem by promoting sexual promiscuity.

According to the government, the curriculum prepared with material from UNICEF, had ‘shocked the consciences’ of the country and was described as ‘quite frightening.’ If implemented, the report said, it would ‘promote promiscuity of the worst kind.’

If implemented, the petitioners said, the program would ‘corrupt Indian youth and lead to collapse of the education system.’ Over all, they said, such programs are nothing more than an ‘education to sell condoms’ that will lead to the creation of an ‘immoral society’ and to an increase in single-parent families. The Indian government’s reasoning stands in sharp contrast to that of the West, which, in reaction to steadily increasing rates of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, has invariably increased access to free contraceptives and abortion and exposed ever-younger children to more explicit sex education.”

As advanced as America may be, it sounds to me like we could learn a lesson from Latin America and India regarding what is essential and appropriate in our education systems. Sex education is not essential for kindergarteners or high-schoolers. It does not prepare them for function within society. But the negative of sex-education, listed quite intelligently in the comment above are certainly true for American schools; and our education rankings are proof.

 A 2007 survey result published in the UK Telegraph shows the top 25 in the world in the areas of Math, Reading and Science. Sadly, America is not the top 25 in any category.

 Maybe its time we stop teaching kids how to do what will inevitably come naturally, and should be taught by parents, and start teaching them the skills they will need to thrive in society. Thank-you India and Latin America for saying what needs to be said right here in America.

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Written by Nathan Cherry

June 22, 2009 at 7:50 pm