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“Legal Stranger” Given Parental Rights in Custody Case

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Adoptive mother must share children with former roommate and girlfriend

By Nathan A. Cherry

Martinsburg, W.V. – Below is the story of a recent court decision in Montana where, for the first time, parental rights were given to a non-parent. Not just a non-parent, a “legal stranger,” as Alliance Defense Fund legal counsel Austin Nimocks stated it. This is more than frightening; this is a shocking picture of where our judicial system is headed as they seek to purposely play culture wars in cases involving former homosexual partners.

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Written by Nathan Cherry

October 14, 2009 at 4:15 pm

POLL: Homosexuality is Morally Wrong, Majority Oppose Gay Marriage

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Recent polling shows that most Americans still oppose homosexuality/gay marriage.

By Nathan A. Cherry

 Martinsburg, W.V. – A recent poll by the Pew Research Center is telling the story mainstream news and other left-leaning organizations don’t want you to hear: the majority of Americans are still opposed to same-sex marriage. The poll concludes;

“Of 4,013 adults…shows that 49 percent say that homosexuality is morally wrong, 9 percent morally acceptable and 35 percent say it is not a moral issue. That’s little changed from a February 2006 Pew poll, when 50 percent said it was morally wrong, 12 percent morally acceptable and 33 percent said it was not a moral issue.”

“Among races, blacks in the Pew poll were most likely to say homosexuality is morally wrong (64 percent morally wrong, 5 percent morally acceptable), followed by whites (48 percent, 8 percent, respectively) and Hispanics (43 percent, 15 percent).”

“The poll also found that among all adults, 53 percent oppose “gay marriage” and 39 percent support it. Blacks again led the way in opposition, with 66 percent saying they oppose changing the definition of marriage; 52 percent of whites and 49 percent of Hispanics said likewise.”

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Written by Nathan Cherry

October 13, 2009 at 8:27 am

Activist Judge in Texas Highlights Need in West Virginia

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By Nathan A. Cherry

Martinsburg, W.V. – Did you hear the one about the arrogant activist judge in Texas that had the audacity to declare that both a state amendment and statute defining marriage as between one man and one woman along with the federal DOMA law are unconstitutional in order to preside over a gay marriage divorce case? Unfortunately this is no laughing matter.

 When two gay men married in Massachusetts and now living in Texas sought a divorce, the state Attorney General stepped in and declared that no judge in Texas had jurisdiction to hear the case since Texas does not recognize same-sex marriage. But that didn’t stop family law judge Tena Callahan from ignoring the Attorney General but also from declaring that Texas’ state constitutional amendments defining marriage between one man and one woman were unconstitutional according to the Constitution of the United States. (Click here for full story)

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Written by Nathan Cherry

October 8, 2009 at 10:02 am

Miss California Carrie Prejean Earned Her Crown

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Miss California Carrie PrejeanHow her answer to one question shot her into the media spotlight.

By Nathan A. Cherry

 Martinsburg, W.V. – While at the Values Voter Summit I had the privilege of hearing Miss California Carrie Prejean. Many will remember that Ms. Prejean was in the final two at the Miss America pageant and seemed to have the pageant in control and poised for victory. Then the pageant and her world changed forever with the answer she gave to one simple question: What is your opinion of same-sex marriage? (The question was asked by openly gay blogger Perez Hilton)

 Ms. Prejean would later remark that she thought the question was out of line for a beauty pageant and, to be honest I agree with her. I can’t imagine how the socio-political view on any given topic would possibly affect her reign as Miss America (Perhaps I don’t know as much about the purpose of the pageant as I thought I did).

 So, as Miss California stood before thousands, watched by cameras and millions of people across the country she found herself at a crisis of faith and desire. She had desired to be a pageant winner her entire life. She had desired to win Miss America and compete for Miss Universe. But the faith instilled in her from childhood was strong, and she knew she could not betray it.

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Written by Nathan Cherry

September 29, 2009 at 3:46 pm

Courts Threaten to Remove Another Child

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Lisa & Isabella MillerLisa Miller is still fighting to protect her daughter from her former lesbian partner, and the Vermont courts.

By Nathan A. Cherry

Martinsburg, W.V. – The homosexual agenda of legalized same-sex marriage seems like a litigation nightmare. With long-term relationships at nearly nil in comparison with traditional marriage the litigation implications are overwhelming, and ultimately costly to tax-payers who will be footing a portion of the bill.

Take for example the case of Lisa Miller. Miller, who once shared a lesbian relationship with Janet Jenkins, is being threatened with the loss of her daughter if she does not comply with a Vermont judge’s order for visitation to Jenkins of her now 7 year old daughter Isabella.

Coming from a parent’s perspective this is a difficult case. For approximately five years both women were “parents” to Isabella. Now, after becoming a Christian, Miller wants nothing more to do with Jenkins and doesn’t want her daughter involved with her either. For Miller this is a case of mother protecting child. For Jenkins this is a case of fighting for an, essentially, adopted child. You can see the difficulty.

I side with Miller for the overall health and well-being of the child. Isabella has expressed that she does not want to visit Jenkins for several reasons; least of which is that she is made to bathe nude with her. She has also spoken of wanting to kill herself after visits with Jenkins. And now she is being threatened by the same Vermont judge that imposed the visitation rights with the loss of Isabella if she does not comply. She is truly between a rock and a hard place. She is morally obligated to protect her child, but the state is not helping her to do that as it should.

This is the tangled mess that legalizing same-sex marriage will create more of. With people constantly leaving the homosexual lifestyle, a fact the homosexual activist’s do not like hearing and refuse to admit despite an overwhelming amount of empirical evidence, legalizing an unnatural and unstable union will only serve to further entangle families in these kinds of legal battles.

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Written by Nathan Cherry

September 25, 2009 at 10:06 am

The Engage Family Minute – September 23

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The ACLU of WV Stalks Pro-Family Forum

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My name popped up on a blog in West Virginia that is so out of touch with moms and dads of the Mountain State that, it appears, repeatedly advocates against the coal industry and all things moral.  A regular contributor to that blog is the ACLU of WV and their “field organizer,” Seth DiStefano.

Late Monday, the ACLU of WV admitted to having closely followed the premier event for social conservatives nationwide: the Values Voter Summit.  Oddly, his only take away was that same-sex “marriage” fell to the third most important issue of the day behind abortion and religious liberty.  This, he declares, means that, “gay marriage is no longer a serious issue” for social conservatives.

Perhaps this new ranking is due to the millions of proposed spending in the proposed health care measure that would end human life that has values voters concerned.  Perhaps it is that there is a direct relationship between the expansion of government and the censoring one’s religious liberties – as with ENDA, hate crimes, etc.

Or, perhaps, there is a nationwide perception that same-sex “marriage” has been defeated.  Such is reasonable, considering that 30 states have constitutionally defined marriage, while only a handful of states – without direct citizen input – have invented a right to same-sex “marriage.”  Don’t be deceived, same-sex “marriage” is a closer reality in WV than many people think.

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Written by Jeremy Dys

September 22, 2009 at 10:34 am