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Abortion and Sex-Ed programs are Worst Option

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Recent studies show that abortion harms women, abstinence far more successful in the classroom.

By Nathan A. Cherry

Martinsburg, WV – “The thought of the word “abortion” should be unthinkable.” These words were spoken recently by Alveda King at a locally organized pro-life event at Rocky Mount High-School. I wish more people had this mind-set when it came to the murder of innocent children.

Ms. King, relative of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. became a staunch pro-life supporter after her own abortion experiences before accepting Christ in 1983. At the community event she said,

“This country was founded upon the respect for personal freedom; nobody should go against his or her conscious or moral values in order to keep their job. This is what abortion will do.” (Click here for origin)

Ms. King is referencing an open letter written to President Obama regarding his proposed health-care reform in which abortion on demand will be included at tax-payer’s expense; and doctors and nurses will risk losing their jobs for refusing to perform abortions on religious grounds.

Amazingly it would seem that all that is needed to reduce abortion rates is a little education on abstinence and the potential hazards for a woman’s health that exist from abortion.

“Abstinence is the first line of defense in preventing abortion. A woman does have the right to choose. But her moment of choice comes before she has made the choice to become sexually active. We need to educate people on that moment of choice,” said Marica Brown, director of the “Worth Waiting 4” program. Read the rest of this entry »


Written by Nathan Cherry

August 25, 2009 at 7:22 pm

FPC Media Blitz: Advocates for Life Triumph, Mayo Clinic Doctor Admits Abortion Harms Women, Homosexual Twice as Likely to Seek Treatment

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By Nathan A. Cherry

Below are some of the headlines and stories making news across our country and across the world. 

Italian high court finds no difference between traditional family, cohabiting couple” – Obviously the Italian High Court has not been paying attention to recent sociological studies which show the traditional family as having a positive impact on society as opposed to single-family, cohabiting families, and same-sex families. Next time, they should do their homework.

Truth and Advocates for Life Triumph” – Townhall columnist Ken Blackwell speaks on the Obama health-reform policy and its hidden agenda of abortion on demand paid for by the American people. He says, “Opposition to federally-funded abortion is a bridge issue, bringing together Americans of all parties and ethnic and religious backgrounds.” President Obama is just plain delusional if he thinks that the American people are interested in paying for other people’s abortions. And we’re not near as naïve as he thinks; we have read his proposal and know that abortion on demand is in the policy.

UN Health Data Show Liberal Abortion Laws Lead to Greater Maternal Death” – Despite Planned Parenthood’s attempt to assure us that there is no significant link between widespread, legalized abortion and women’s health, all the evidence says otherwise. And now, even Planned Parenthood themselves can’t seem to deny the truth any longer, coming out to say that there does seem to be a link between abortion and maternal death rates. Maybe our government will take Planned Parenthood out of their pocket and start looking out for the health and well-being of women; and not the health and well-being of their own bank accounts.

Mayo Clinic Doctor Admits Abortions Hurt Women, Cause Premature Births” – A doctor at the renowned Mayo clinic has recently published a study showing the connection between abortion and premature birth, which can also lead to cerebral palsy. This is just one of the many ways women put their health and the health of future children in jeopardy by abortion. So let’s see, doctors at the Mayo clinic say abortion harms women, Planned Parenthood says abortion harms women, a large body of empirical evidence says that abortion harms women. I am not sure what else our lawmakers need in order for them to admit that abortion harms women.  

Study: Homosexuals Twice as Likely to Seek Mental Health, Substance Abuse Treatment– This study out of UCLA shows that homosexuals seek treatment at a rate of twice that of heterosexuals. A quick glance of facts from the study, “The study of 2074 people interviewed in the California Health Interview Survey found that 48.5% of homosexual and bisexual individuals reported receiving psychiatric or drug abuse treatment in the past year as compared to 22.5% of heterosexuals.” How long will people continue to try and convince us that this lifestyle is good, and normal, and healthy?

Study: Homosexual Lifestyle Strongly Linked to Depression, Suicide

Homosexual U.K. Documentarian Says Gay Lifestyle a “Sewer” of Casual Degrading Sex, Drug Abuse, Misery

Few gay couples seeking marriage licenses in Vt.”