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How to Answer Abortionist Logic

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Today’s article in the Gazette has set off progressive liberals in the online comments section.  They are making two stunning arguments.

First, they effectively say that because unwanted pregnancies, carried to term, end in a child living in squalid conditions to abusive parents, it is better that they be killed than continue to live in such deplorable conditions.  Someone should ask Leonardo da Vinci about that sometime.  Conceived in an unwanted pregnancy and born to a peasant woman in the dark ages, Leonardo’s early life would have surpassed even the poorest among as as the most regrettable of circumstances.  But, because he was given life, the world is much the better.

And, moreover, if we can morally justify the killing of pre-born humans to stem the tide of children living in squalid, abusive conditions, what is to stop us from killing born human children to stem the tide of children living in squalid, abusive conditions?

Second, they are lecturing anyone who dares be “pro-life” that you’re not really pro-life unless you adopt.  The argument fails as soon as it is argued, but it moves us to point out two compelling resources.  First, Focus on the Family has created website and the “Wait No More” campaign.  Adoption has always been close to the heart of pro-life activists – including Jim Daly, new President of Focus on the Family who is himself an adopted child.

In addition, Live Action Films has created a series of You Tube videos that help you answer these self-defeating – but oft-intimidating – arguments.  To this question about adoption, consider the following video:


Written by Jeremy Dys

September 25, 2009 at 12:03 pm

“Abortion is about life”

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The Charleston Gazette this morning reports of Dr. Susan Wicklund’s visit to Charleston yesterday for a book signing and speaking engagement with the Woman’s Club of Charleston.  Wickland, a long-time abortionist from Montana, offers praise for her profession.  The Gazette article, unsurprisingly, is glowing in its coverage.  But it is the actual words of Dr. Wicklund that left me stammering for words.

Consider, for instance, her description about what abortion is:

“Abortion is about life: quality of life for infants, children and adults. Everywhere and in every sense of the word. Life, not death,” she writes in her book, “This Common Secret, My Journey as an Abortion Doctor.”

I am at a complete loss for comment on such a statement.  Abortion is “about life?”  Really?  Clearly, the abortion industry has done much to justify, conceal, and rationalize their life-ending practices for decades, but is this the new face of pro-abortion activists like Dr. Wicklund?  In recent years, the rhetoric of pro-abortion politicians has shifted from discussing the actual procedure to focusing on the focus-group approved message of making abortion safe and rare.  President Obama has infamously declared that, though we may disagree, we ought to agree on ending unwanted pregnancies.  Such an argument, it would seem, is lost on Dr. Wicklund, who would rather end a human life to improve quality of life for another.

However, as I think about, Dr. Wicklund has actually made a profoundly correct statement.

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Written by Jeremy Dys

September 25, 2009 at 9:48 am

Values Voter Summit 2009 – Lila Rose is a Champion of Life

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Me with Lila RoseWashington, D.C. – At first, she may look like a kid, or just a really young girl that is out of place in a room full of Washington-hardened politicians and media outlets. But all that fades to nothing when you start listening to barely 21 year old Lila Rose talk about her passion for the unborn.

This morning at the Values Voter Summit Lila shared how she came to this place of prominence in our culture as an icon for life. As a college freshman at UCLA Lila went undercover, posing as 13 year old girl seeking an abortion after her 31 year old boyfriend impregnated her. She video-taped her experiences at various Planned Parenthood centers in Indiana, Alabama, Tennessee and Arizona. The footage can be found on Youtube and is shocking to any parent that believes they have the right to know if their 13 year old is seeking an abortion. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Nathan Cherry

September 19, 2009 at 11:12 am

Mona Lisa Smiles….again?!

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Live Action films has produced yet another video in which a Planned Parenthood clinic worker helps a minor raped by a man twice her age avoid the law – this time also deftly working around parental consent laws.

In West Virginia, a minor does not have to get a parent’s consent to have an abortion if a judge deems the child competent to make her own decision. And, if FOCA becomes law, she wouldn’t even need a judge.

Written by Jeremy Dys

February 4, 2009 at 3:01 am