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Civil Unrest Continues in California

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Opponent of Prop. 8 take out their anger on innocent citizens.


 Discrimination in any form, for any reason is an ugly monster that seemingly refuses to die. And somewhere along the way the idea of free speech and freedom of expression vanished in a fog of political correctness and inclusion.


Appalling examples of discrimination and downright illegal behavior are abounding out of California in the wake of the passing of Proposition 8. And, if it were simply people voicing their disagreement, their disappointment, even their concern with the ballot measures passing; I would have no issue at all. But it is the blatantly hateful, and certainly illegal acts of violence, intimidation, and threatening that are so disgusting.


A recent article highlights some of the cases taking place:


A worker at a financial company was repeatedly asked how he voted on Prop. 8. When it was learned that he voted “yes,” he was written up and fired.

 Two radio show hosts were fired for questioning a local politician’s call to boycott businesses supporting Prop. 8.

 A local coffee shop manager was forced to resign because of her $100 donation to help support Prop. 8


Unfortunately these are just a few of the many cases that are coming to light in California; and all because people voiced their opinion, and made a decision based on their opinion. Will someone please tell me what good freedom of speech and freedom of any kind is if the result is violence? Perhaps people would prefer to eliminate elections altogether and just let the politicians make all the decisions for us. Hmm…sound a bit like socialism to me.


And I for one do not begrudge one person for choosing to boycott a business because it supported or did not support something. I do the same thing. I patron places of business that have the same values as I do, and I avoid places that stand for things I do not believe in. But I do it in peace. I do not hold angry protests outside the businesses, or yell and scream at people who choose to patronize those establishments.


A similar story in the Wall Street Journal tells of others who have been discriminated against because of their views.


Scott Eckern, director of the California Musical Theater, was forced to resign for his donation to the Prop. 8 campaign.

 Richard Raddon, director of the L.A. Film Festival was also forced to resign for his support of Prop. 8.

 Isn’t it ironic that the homosexual community is screaming about discrimination for not allowing them to marry, and yet they are doing the exact same thing to people who simply voiced their opinion! What if every person disagreeing with the homosexual lifestyle fired their gay employees?


Here’s the point. Doing any kind of harm or violence to a person for simply holding to an opposing viewpoint is ridiculous; not to mention illegal. People are free to disagree. What makes freedom and democracy so great is the ability to disagree and still live peaceably with our neighbors. To do otherwise, anything less, is to rob citizens of their fundamental right to their own opinion and reduces the citizenry to rhetoric spewing robots produced by governments. This will most certainly produce an unrest never experienced in this country, but well-known to socialist and communist countries.


Is that the path we want to choose?


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Written by Nathan Cherry

December 30, 2008 at 8:48 pm