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Rep. Boehner Saves Lives, President Obama Takes Them:

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This USA Today/Gallup poll  shows the approval rating of seven specific actions President Obama has taken in his first few weeks in office. Nearly 3 out of 4 Americans agrees with most of the Presidents actions, but two-thirds of Americans are not happy with the Presidents decision to provide overseas family planning groups with funding for abortions.


On a happier note, the President did decide to remove funding for death merchants such as Planned Parenthood from his economic stimulus package. This, in large part, thanks to house Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, who worked tirelessly and aggressively to encourage bi-partisan opposition to the funding. (Take time to thank Rep. Boehner, here).


So, thankfully, American death merchants will get no federal stimulus money, but sadly we will be sending money overseas to help other countries kill pre-born children.


When will this administration and lawmakers in Washington realize that the majority of this country, a strong majority at that wants to see life protected? This is an issue that Democrats, Republicans and Independents are joining hands and voices on. This is an issue that people of all nationality, color and religion are standing shoulder to shoulder on. So why won’t the President allow the majority of Americans to speak and make this decision? Odds are it has more to do with money and power than doing what’s right.


But the fact is, “life, liberty, and the pursuit…” ought to be protected at all costs. Once life is no longer valuable we cease to be a civilized people worthy of world-wide respect. Second, at a time when America needs every penny in order to recover economically, does it make much sense to send our hard-earned dollars overseas to support a cause that most Americans abhor?


We must continue to let our voices be heard on this most imperative issue. Once the lives of the pre-born are no longer sacred, who’s next? The elderly? The infirm? All life is sacred and must be protected.

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