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The Irony and Hypocrisy that Abortion Creates

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One woman behind bars, one walks free, both attempted to murder their baby.

By Nathan A. Cherry

Martinsburg, W.V. – The irony, rather hypocrisy that exists in our country regarding the life of an unborn child is both striking and angering.

The sentence of Wendy J. Villatoro was just handed down by a Washington, D.C. district judge. According to the article in the Washington Post, Villatoro will be spending the next 13 years behind bars. Her crime? She killed her baby. So where is the irony?

Had Villatoro walked into an abortion clinic and told doctors she was raped and wished to have an abortion the procedure would have been performed and she would have been on her way. But because she did it herself she will now spend 13 years in prison.

What a story like this does is highlight the fact that abortion is about money, nothing more. It is not about women’s health. It is not about women’s rights. It is about money, plain and simple. A late-term abortion can cost thousands of dollars and Ms. Villatoro is a Honduran immigrant who only recently arrived in the D.C. area. Bottom line, she did not have the money for the procedure so she did it herself.

Now for some real irony. A story from the Salt Lake Tribune carries this title: Girl who tried killing her fetus released.

A 17-year old girl paid a man $150 dollars to beat her in an attempt to kill her late-term, unborn child. The judge in the case dismissed charges saying that the “girl’s actions constituted a legal attempt at abortion, not murder, and therefore she was not guilty of a crime.”

So here we have the story of two women who attempt the same thing, one is successful and charged with a crime then imprisoned while the other is not successful and goes free. One is charged with murder because she successfully kills her baby while one is cleared of attempted murder charges and set free.

And if the mere facts of these two cases are not enough irony for you, here is the kicker: both women could have paid Planned Parenthood or another abortion clinic to do the same thing and it would have been successful and legal, no questions asked.

What is wrong with the lawmakers in this country? How can one judge sentence a woman to 13 years in prison for killing her baby while another is cleared of attempted murder after trying to beat her baby to death? In what way is this justice or equity? And where exactly is the law that states only a doctor at a clinic is allowed to perform the “legal procedure” that ends a baby’s life?

Two facts present themselves in light of these cases. One, as long as abortion is legal the definition of life, viability, personhood, and all the rights surrounding it will always be in question. And as long as these questions remain as part of a legal battle we can expect to see more hypocritical stories such as these. Two, abortion is nothing more than a business. Abortion is not healthcare, it is not about choice or women’s rights and health; abortion is about money. The billions profited and then spent on political endorsements and campaigns is the underlying foundation for why lawmakers will not allow America to vote on the issue of abortion; despite overwhelming numbers that say Americans want to tighten abortion laws. (Incidentally, this is also why lawmakers are refusing to remove the public option from the health reform bill, there’s just too much money involved.)

Until every citizen of this country is protected we will never be able to claim equality, justice, and freedom exist.

Written by Nathan Cherry

October 16, 2009 at 8:21 am

2 Responses

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