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AARP Shills for Planned Parenthood

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From Big Hollywood comes this incredulous incredible story about how AARP, the White House, and Hollywood are conspiring to encourage your kids to volunteer for Planned Parenthood – and, to boot, pass health care reform.

The “Create the Good” campaign seems like a kitchy idea, until you see the life-ending, political motivations behind it.  WATCH THE VIDEO! (Video link takes you off blog to our main website):

If your 12 year-old hears about this volunteer initiative and follows the lead of her favorite TV star, she will go to and type in her favorite cause.  If she’s been paying attention to the news these days (or listening to the lectures from most public school teachers) she will know that “Health Care” is a big deal these days.  All she has to do is type “Health Care” into the search engine with her zip code (let’s say 90210 cause we love those adorable Beverly Hills high school kids) and she’ll get a whole host of opportunities to serve.

Go ahead… open that link and you’ll see twelve opportunities to serve.  Look at items “H”, “I” and “L.”  All are from Planned Parenthood:

“With President Obama’s focus on health-care reform, now is an exciting and crucial time for us to broaden our support and make sure that the new health-care plan includes women’s health. We’re holding a series of phone banks to identify new people who share our commitment to reproductive freedom.”

When I clicked for more info I found out that the phone bank listing was a month old, but there was a handy link for other opportunities to serve Planned Parenthood, like this one:

“Planned Parenthood Los Angeles is currently seeking adults to volunteer as our High School Speakers.”

(Make this reason #724 why I home school my kids).

While we’re looking at all those volunteer options on, we should also take a look at that really nifty video listed second from the top.  No matter where you are in the country, if you type “health care” as the subject you want to volunteer for, this video called: “How To Spread The Truth About Health Care Reform” pops up for your viewing pleasure:

Click to watch video

Written by Jeremy Dys

October 15, 2009 at 2:14 pm

Posted in Life

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