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POLL: Homosexuality is Morally Wrong, Majority Oppose Gay Marriage

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Recent polling shows that most Americans still oppose homosexuality/gay marriage.

By Nathan A. Cherry

 Martinsburg, W.V. – A recent poll by the Pew Research Center is telling the story mainstream news and other left-leaning organizations don’t want you to hear: the majority of Americans are still opposed to same-sex marriage. The poll concludes;

“Of 4,013 adults…shows that 49 percent say that homosexuality is morally wrong, 9 percent morally acceptable and 35 percent say it is not a moral issue. That’s little changed from a February 2006 Pew poll, when 50 percent said it was morally wrong, 12 percent morally acceptable and 33 percent said it was not a moral issue.”

“Among races, blacks in the Pew poll were most likely to say homosexuality is morally wrong (64 percent morally wrong, 5 percent morally acceptable), followed by whites (48 percent, 8 percent, respectively) and Hispanics (43 percent, 15 percent).”

“The poll also found that among all adults, 53 percent oppose “gay marriage” and 39 percent support it. Blacks again led the way in opposition, with 66 percent saying they oppose changing the definition of marriage; 52 percent of whites and 49 percent of Hispanics said likewise.”

 This news is not much of a surprise to anyone that is not spoon-fed their opinion by the liberal news agencies or other homosexual partners seeking to deceive Americans into thinking homosexuality has been normalized among the majority of Americans. But the majority opposition to homosexuality and same-sex marriage is not the primary concern regarding this issue.

 The most pressing concern is the stealthy and deceptive tactics of the homosexual agenda in seeking to gain rights not endorsed by the majority of American citizens. One particular tactic is to push for civil unions. ‘If only homosexuals were at least given the chance to enjoy the benefits that other couples are privileged to,’ they say, ‘then everything would be just fine.’ But this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

 Glenn Stanton, director of family formation studies at Focus on the Family issued a warning for people tempted to believe that civil unions is a peaceful compromise on the issue:

“Even though same-sex partners have all the rights and benefits of marriage in California except the name, they said that it is still, basically, ‘Back of the bus.’ It’s still discrimination. It is going to be marriage, or it’s going to be nothing,” he said. (Click here for entire article)

 The obvious fact that civil unions is not enough can be seen in the push by the gay agenda to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy, and opposition to any state amendments defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Consider for example that two legislators blocked my entire home state, West Virginia, from defining marriage for ourselves; all for the fact that polls show that nearly 90% of West Virginians oppose same-sex marriage.

 By pushing so fiercely an agenda that a majority of the country finds morally objectionable and strongly opposes, the homosexual crowd is going to wake the sleeping giant. No, we are not going to start fights and break laws (much like same-sex marriage supporters did in California after the passing of Prop. 8). We will just take our fight to the polls and begin electing officials that will listen to us, and vote according to our views.

 Many elected officials, I believe, will find themselves “fired” in the next two years as Americans elect people that will listen to us and allow us to vote on the issues that matter to us. After all, this is still America and the government still belongs to its citizens.


Written by Nathan Cherry

October 13, 2009 at 8:27 am

2 Responses

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  1. uh…49% isn’t a majority. Even if we play “pick your favorite statistic” and one would give you your very minor majority of 53%, what does that actually prove. God forbid, if everyone only held beliefs and tried for things that the majority believed in. The whole point is there is a sense of what is right beyond what the most people believe. I hate to make the obvious point here, but should no one have fought for civil rights, or was it WRONG to think blacks or women deserved equal rights when, as it was the case at one point a majority believed that? I am actually curious to see what you have to say. I understand you are running an agenda-laden organization here and getting at the truth is not your goal, but you have to at least pretend you care about good arguments and the truth, right?


    April 11, 2011 at 5:06 pm

  2. This isn’t about equal rights. It’s about moral and ethical law. Whether it’s homosexuality, polygamy, incest, or marriage to minors, there are certain kinds of marriage not allowed in our society. As a culture we have determined that these unions are not beneficial to society and are objectionable on moral or practical grounds. Homosexuality is not compared to these others as being lumped in to one pot (which is a logical error when debating a point), but as being considered by itself as a sexual union that is not considered as marriage by the majority of Americans and as self-governing people we reject homosexual marriage, just as we reject other legal scenarios which we consider to be oustide the parameters of reasonable law. As for racial equality or women’s rights, those rights were already guaranteed by law (1920 for women, 1870 for all races, colors, etc.) but were not enforced and there were often abuses connected with those who opposed these laws. As a people we have a moral compass, and just because someone wants the right to do something does not mean that it can be granted as a right by law (there are numerous cases of this, such as stealing intellectual property, monopolys, etc), whether it is marriage or doing taxes. The fact that people are so passionate about this does not make it a human rights case, nor can it compare to the disgusting treatment of african americans or the unfair treatment of women. Homosexuals are demanding rights that are not given to them by law. It is up to advocates of homosexuality to petition their representatives to pursue laws in their favor, but it is by no means a civil rights issue in the minds of most Americans. And a majority means the highest number in a statistic. We’re not carrying a vote. Notice that 49% thought homosexuality was immoral and only 9% approved morally, while 35% did not consider homosexuality a moral issue. That’s a majority, by any standard. And it would win if it were a vote.


    April 18, 2011 at 1:09 pm

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