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The Threat to Religious Freedom: What Politico Didn’t Print

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Candi Cushman at Focus on the Family Action’s Drive Thru Blog writes the following after being quoted in Politico regarding her and Focus Action’s objection to (1) the President’s address to the Human Rights Campaign, (2) the nomination of Chai Feldblum, and (3) the continued rule of Safe and Drug Free Schools czar, Kevin Jennings.

Candi tells the rest of the story:

Let’s take the three events one at a time:

President Obama’s speech to the Human Rights Campaign. Among other things, President Obama pledged to eradicate a federal law defending traditional marriage. We need only look to Massachusetts, the first state to legalize full-fledged gay marriage, to understand the threat this poses to both parental rights and religious freedoms. Parents in that state are now being told they can’t exempt their 2nd graders from lessons about same-sex marriage—even if it conflicts with their most deeply held religious convictions.

The intolerance of same-sex marriage advocates was on display for all to see during the debate over California’s Prop. 8, which added wording to the state constitution defining marriage as only between a man and a woman. Prop. 8 supporters were subjected to vehement blackballing and even physical attacks. Church buildings were defaced and some people lost their jobs because of their stance.

Nomination of Prof. Feldblum: The President also nominated Georgetown law professor Chai Feldblum to serve on a commission that enforces the nation’s federal employment laws. This is disturbing considering that Feldblum has repeatedly stated that when it comes to a conflict between religious liberty and homosexual activists’ goals (or “sexual liberty” as she terms it)—homosexual activists should win most of the time. This is not comforting to many faith-based business owners, such as Christian day-care operators who receive federal grants and don’t want to be forced to promote gay marriage to preschoolers.

Appointment of Kevin Jennings: I also pointed out to Mr. Gerstein that Kevin Jennings has publicly attacked a mainstream, Christian student group—Young Life. Not to mention his 17-year track record of twisting “safe schools” into a tool for pushing a one-sided agenda into public schools that displays no tolerance for Christian or socially conservative points of view.

The Politico article failed to give any coverage of these religious-freedom concerns, focusing instead on a detailed litany of “civil rights” demands by homosexual activist groups. If you fall for the semantics—“prohibiting workplace discrimination,” “expanding gay rights”—in the article, this all sounds pretty innocuous.

But the untold story is the very real threat these policies pose to religious freedoms, which is made abundantly clear by the public statements of those pushing them.

via What Politico Didn’t Print – DriveThru – Get What You Need.


Written by Jeremy Dys

October 12, 2009 at 4:03 pm

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  1. How does legal recognition of the commitment of two people who love each other and have chosen to remain in a life-long union threaten parental rights?? I have gain friends who have lived together for nearly 30 years and it hasn’t disrupted my monogamous heterosexual marriage and rights. But then I am secure in my sexuality, marriage and am pretty balanced — I don’t find people who are different to be scary or threatening. I also try to live up to Jesus’ example of love and acceptance and I cherish the friendship of some lovely people I know who happen to be gay.

    I can respect those who prefer an angry Old Testament God, but I don’t want their intolerant or hateful thinking to undermine the lives of my loved ones — especially when information is skewed to generate fear for political reasons.

    Jan Sen

    October 14, 2009 at 4:34 am

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