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Bi-Partisan Opposition to Tax-Payer Funded Abortion Grows

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Lead by Rep. Bart Stupak, a bi-partisan alliance is calling President Obama out on his campaign promise.

By Nathan A. Cherry

 Martinsburg, W.V. – A recent Zogby Poll shows that 71% of Americans are opposed to tax-payer funded abortion on demand. Groups like Operation Rescue and the Christian Defense Coalition have launched a new campaign called “I Am 71” to make sure the White House and Congress knows that a super-majority of Americans oppose provisions in the current health reform bill, this according to a recent story by Newsmax. (Click here for full story)

Just last week released a story that read “183 Congressional representatives have signed a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi demanding that Congress be allowed a free vote on bipartisan pro-life measures that would truly prohibit government funding of abortion in health care.”

The letter, a bi-partisan effort by House democrats and republicans, tells Speaker Nancy Pelosi that either she allows a vote on the pro-life measures taken by lawmakers such as Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mi), or Rep. Joe Pitts (R-Pa) or they will do everything in their power to defeat the health reform bill.

In particular, they have taken issue with the Capps Amendment, which was supposed to be a pro-life compromise. However, pro-life advocates are not supportive of this Amendment because it explicitly allows for federally funded abortion on demand.

All of this takes place in conjunction with Rep. Bat Stupak’s challenge to President Obama that he make good on his campaign promise of no federally funded abortions using tax-payers money, according to a article.

In a recent phone conversation with President Obama, Stupak reminded the President of what he said in a September 9, 2008 campaign speech. Mr. Obama told supporters,

“Let me verify one more rumor, that there will be no public funding for abortion.”

Now the President seems content to either skirt the issue or even to tell outright lies to the American people regarding abortion and his health reform bill. Either he is satisfied in ignoring the wishes of the people he serves, or he has no idea what is in his health-reform bill and therefore can’t answer questions regarding it. Whatever the case may be he is losing support among his own party members and leadership and certainly among the American people for a piece of legislation that could define his entire presidency.

After all this, Stupak, 177 Congressional Republicans and up to 40 Congressional Democrats are letting the President know that either he listens to the American people and ensures that tax-payer funded abortion will not be part of his health-reform bill, or they will vote against it. If that is the case it will leave the bill without the needed 218 votes to pass, leaving it dead in Congress.

The Family Policy Council of West Virginia applauds the bi-partisan efforts of men like Mr. Stupak, and others who believe that true health care begins with protecting life from its earliest stages. If polls are accurate and over 70% of Americans do not want to see tax-payer funded abortion on demand covered in the new health-reform bill then it would be a pure injustice for President Obama and a minority few to try and push it on the country.

We urge you to contact the Whitehouse at and let President Obama know that you support life and oppose tax-payer funded abortion. We also urge you to contact your state Rep’s and Senator’s and let them know that you oppose H.R. 3200, the public option, and tax-payer funded abortion on demand.

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