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Gingrich Documentary Highlights America’s Religious Heritage

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While others seek to destroy the link between faith and the founders, former Speaker of the House shines a light on it.

By Nathan A. Cherry

Martinsburg, W.V. – Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has a message that is sure to be unpopular with some, but will find a resounding ring of national patriotism with others. At a time when America’s religious heritage is being attacked from inside its borders, Mr. Gingrich is preparing to release a documentary highlighting the historic bond between God, religion, and the United States of America.

Gingrich said, in an exclusive Newsmax.TV interview, “When you look at efforts to drive the cross off of public lands, efforts to drive [out] Nativity scenes. . . there are a number of places in America now where there is a great bias in favor of teaching children about Islam than there is about Christianity. You actually have schools today that will have a class on Islam but refuse to have a class on Christianity. I’ll let you decide whether that’s a bias.”

Some highlights of the DVD include:

–          The struggles of many religions to find a home on America’s shores.

–          The historical impact of pacifist Quaker and Pennsylvania founder William Penn.

–          The influence of Christianity on the American Revolution.

–          The enduring effect of America’s great revivals.

Gingrich’s wife and co-host Callista, commenting on the deliberate attack on religious freedoms taking place in America right now, said;

“You see it everywhere. You see it in our schools, which refuse to teach accurately the role of God in America. You see it in some of the media, who refuse to cover our religious heritage. And you see it in many of our courts, who have real contempt for God in the public square.”

Such a production is timely. Currently the American social landscape looks nothing of what our founding fathers ever pictured. It would be hard to deny that our founding fathers envisioned a country where God was the center-piece of social, cultural, and political life. One glance at the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution will quickly reveal that God was at the heart of everything the framers accomplished; and they thanked Him for it all.

But today a minority of lawmakers and politicians are sending a hypocritical and confusing message by seeking to eradicate all mention of God and religion from the public sector while simultaneously working to advocate, advertise, and protect the freedoms and rights of Muslims. There is no question that such actions are indeed biased.

But, as Mr. Gingrich points out, it is we the people that have the ability to place the right people into public office that will uphold and protect all that America has stood for.

 “Citizens can complain to their congressmen. They can replace the congressmen, if they don’t get it. They can insist on changing the courts. The American people in the end are sovereign. They have every right to take back power, and to insist on changes in things that are fundamentally destroying America.”


Written by Nathan Cherry

October 6, 2009 at 9:31 am

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