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PRC’s: A Passion to Serve

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Because the policy battle for funding abortions, regulating abortion procedures, and litigating breaches of abortion practices often overshadow, the unsung, heroic work of pregnancy resource centers is often overlooked.  Politicians that beg for the “common ground” of making progress at stemming the tide of unwanted pregnancies rarely account for the magnificent results that come from the shoe-string budgets of pregnancy resource centers.  And rare is the day that our taxpayer dollars fund them.

That is the heart of the Family Research Center’s (FRC), “Passion to Serve, A Vision for Life” report.  Moira Gaul, director of this initiative at FRC elaborates at

Wednesday, September 30th, FRC was very pleased to announce the release of a groundbreaking report, “A Passion to Serve, A Vision for Life:  Pregnancy Resource Center Service Report 2009” which coincides with the 40-year anniversary of the pregnancy resource center movement (“PRC”) in the United States. A collaborative project with the three major pregnancy resource center networks Care Net, Heartbeat International, the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, and LIFE International the report tells the story of a movement contributing in significant ways daily to the enhancement of maternal and child health nationwide, as well as around the world.

Go to to learn more about the PRC movement and the report, view news stories, to order/download a copy of the report, and/or to view the press conference web cast.

Story continues at


Written by Jeremy Dys

October 5, 2009 at 10:14 am

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