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Trends Favor Traditional Values

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The following is an interesting graph from a recent Gallup poll:

Dan Gilgoff from U.S. News and World Reports’ God & Country Blog notes:  

There are two fascinating details underlying the shift in support for government promoting traditional values.

First, last year, when President Obama was elected, marked the high point for opposition to government promoting traditional values since Gallup started asking the question in 1993. Second, the shift comes almost entirely at the hands of political moderates. From Gallup’s analysis:

Independents’ views show a dramatic turnaround, from a 55%-37% split against government-promoted morality last year to a 54%-40% division in favor of it today. By contrast, Republicans’ and Democrats’ views have been relatively stable, with the former solidly in favor of the government’s promoting traditional morality, and a majority of the latter opposed.

(h/t Timothy Potter and The Cloakroom Blog)

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