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Discerning Health Care Reform

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From a friend and fellow (now transplanted) West Virginian, a word of discernment by Christians when considering health care reform:

If we think that health care reform legislation will not or cannot lead to horrific situations, we need to read between the lines.  Health care legislation, in whatever form, lays the logical foundation for the sort of nightmare imagined by its opponents.   “Death panels” have been scoffed at because they are ostensibly not in any legislation under consideration.  But they make perfect sense within the assumptions that underly the drive for health care reform: the assumption that the majority have the right–excuse me, the responsibility–to dictate health care terms to the minority; the assumption that doctors and patients are not making and cannot make good health care decisions without some form of interference–excuse me, “support”–from the government; and the assumption that bureaucrats, of all people, are competent to oversee health care for others and make judgments about costs versus benefits in the abstract.  Given these assumptions, “death panels,” no matter how far-fetched they may seem to some, are not an unreasonable development.  They make sense given the framework that governs the drive for a government role in health care reform.

Christians need to be able to recognize this.  If we are called to be discerning, then we must not look merely at what politicians are telling us; we must look at the assumptions that lie behind what they are telling us, and we must understand the internal logic of those assumptions, how they work together, and what they mean if we accept them–and allow people who believe in them to govern us.  We must, above all, jettison our myopia and be able to look beyond the immediate to the future.  We must understand the meaning of sea-changes in presuppositions.  It is time to connect the dots.

via “Discernment a Necessary Christian Virtue in Health Care Debate,” by Alicia Donathan,


Written by Jeremy Dys

September 28, 2009 at 2:00 pm

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