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“Abortion is about life”

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The Charleston Gazette this morning reports of Dr. Susan Wicklund’s visit to Charleston yesterday for a book signing and speaking engagement with the Woman’s Club of Charleston.  Wickland, a long-time abortionist from Montana, offers praise for her profession.  The Gazette article, unsurprisingly, is glowing in its coverage.  But it is the actual words of Dr. Wicklund that left me stammering for words.

Consider, for instance, her description about what abortion is:

“Abortion is about life: quality of life for infants, children and adults. Everywhere and in every sense of the word. Life, not death,” she writes in her book, “This Common Secret, My Journey as an Abortion Doctor.”

I am at a complete loss for comment on such a statement.  Abortion is “about life?”  Really?  Clearly, the abortion industry has done much to justify, conceal, and rationalize their life-ending practices for decades, but is this the new face of pro-abortion activists like Dr. Wicklund?  In recent years, the rhetoric of pro-abortion politicians has shifted from discussing the actual procedure to focusing on the focus-group approved message of making abortion safe and rare.  President Obama has infamously declared that, though we may disagree, we ought to agree on ending unwanted pregnancies.  Such an argument, it would seem, is lost on Dr. Wicklund, who would rather end a human life to improve quality of life for another.

However, as I think about, Dr. Wicklund has actually made a profoundly correct statement.

Abortion IS about life.  That is the crux of the issue, isn’t it?  Either the abortionist removes a lump of nonliving tissue from the womb of a woman, or the abortionist cuts a human life in pieces (or in some cases – and I realize this reality is difficult to read – drills a hole in a baby’s head and sucks its brains out) summarily acting as chief judge and executioner, presiding in judgment over the end of a human – potential or not.  In health care reform, either our country will afford “women’s health care” that includes the right to end the life of another or it will reapportion funding from the deep pockets of abortionists like Dr. Wicklund and Planned Parenthood to the compassionate services offered at pregnancy care centers and for adoptive homes.

Brashly, though, Dr. Wicklund continues to suggest that abortion is patient focused, implicitly, that it is a noble procedure for women to practice self-sacrifice by terminating their pregnancy.  She notes:

“It was the patients who kept me going. Their situations, their needs, their genuine thanks and relief. Without knowing it, they were the ones doing the comforting. They were helping me through situations I could never have imagined,” she wrote.

Wicklund became an abortion doctor, in part, because she wanted women who do choose to get an abortion to feel comfort and genuine compassion from their doctor — unlike the abortion Wicklund had while in her early 20s.

When she decided to become a doctor, she vowed that she would bring compassion into her work so no woman ever had to feel like she had.

“Very few people have the privilege to take part in this. Being with a woman when she is making that decision and going through an abortion, is a position of privilege,” she said. “It’s a huge responsibility, and it’s one of the few areas of medicine I believe how a woman is treated, how every part of her is treated, physically, emotionally, has a huge impact on her for the rest of her life.”

Compassion?  Relief?  Privilege?  It pains my soul to think that the only possibility for compassion to pregnant women abortionists like Dr. Wicklund can conceive (no pun intended) is to use a flesh burning concoction of saline or a sharpened curette to dispassionately relieve a pre-born child of human life.

Dr. Wicklund suggests one of her chief duties is to combat the “misconceptions” of abortion.  She claims there is no link to breast cancer, no connection to infertility, and not psychological implications that women who have abortions hate children.  That’s ironic, not just because it ignores the wealth of scientific evidence, like this recent study (released just yesterday) explaining that women who have abortions have a 36% increased risk for prematurity and 35% increased risk to have babies with low birth weight.  Or, if a woman’s had more than one abortion, the numbers bump to 93% and 72% respectively.

But it is also ironic as we consider Dr. Wicklund’s closing line:

“I have never doubted that it’s extremely important that we keep abortion safe, legal and available for women in this country.”

Legal?  Mostly.  Available?  Unfortunately.  Safe?  Not even close.


Written by Jeremy Dys

September 25, 2009 at 9:48 am

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