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UK Christians Rights Not as Important as Muslims

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Two cases from the UK show the trend toward Islam and the trampling of Christianity

By Nathan A. Cherry

Martinsburg, W.V. – At times President Obama and other lawmakers in Washington like to look across the pond to Europe to get ideas as to how to make America better. A dubious practice at best, it’s too bad they don’t look to the pages of our history books to gain wisdom and insight from our founding fathers; men who surely know what it takes to make a country succeed.

More troubling is the news from Europe in regards to religious freedom and the implications which exist if our current president keeps thumbing through the pages of their legislation (or their newspapers) for ideas. The following headlines out of Europe should make clear my disinterest to imitate any country across the pond.

Ban any reference to God and Christianity to avoid ‘offending religious sensibilities,’ says Camden Council

I won’t even begin to comment on the phrase “offending religious sensibilities,” for its pure silliness. But in reading this article it became crystal clear that Europe is on a one way street to abolishing all Protestant religions, or at least the fundamental ones that hold to traditional morals and values.

 The hypocrisy of this particular borough in London is stunning. The Camden website advertises that “’we work hard to spread a true picture of Islam and the Muslim faith,” but God and Christianity are offensive. How does one person’s religion gain tolerance over another? What if Hindu’s are offended by Muslims, will they apologize to the Hindu’s and forsake the Muslims?

But the hypocrisy continues when a Camden Council member said;

“We have asked them to bring the posters in so we can have another look at them. We are very happy to help [publicise] community events that are open to everyone on our notice boards. However, we are not able to accept posters that promote particular religious beliefs or particular points of view.”

Seriously!? This council member says that Camden cannot promote one specific religious point of view but their website can advertise and assure residents of a true picture of Islam and the Muslim faith.

This type of intolerance toward Christians and favoritism towards Muslims is becoming all too common in many parts of the world. Another excellent example comes from another European town.

Christian Hotel Owners Hauled Before Court After Defending Their Beliefs in Discussion with Muslim Guest

Here, a Christian hotel owner and his wife were engaged in a civil discussion of religion with a Muslim guest. They each shared their views and disagreed with each other. And what is the outcome? The Christians get arrested when the Muslim tells police that their views offended her! I would laugh if this were not a seriously disturbing trend in the world today.

Allow me to ask a question of the Muslim guest. If we were discussing automobiles and you told me you really loved BMW and I expressed my utter distate for their cars, would you go to police and ask to have me arrested? That is a fair equation of this case; two individuals, two belief systems, two different views. Can Muslims not agree to disagree the way civil people have been doing for centuries over religion? I have great friends that I disagree with when it comes to religion, and yet I am not beating down their doors with police over it because freedom allows for independent views and the right to disagree. Are Muslims not tolerant of other religious views? Do people not have the right to disagree with a Muslim?

Muslims claim that Islam is a peaceful religion that allows people to think and differ freely; and yet I see absolutely no example of that. Every case from the two mentioned above to the case of 17 year old Rifqa-Barry suggests that Muslims are not open to living in peace with people of other faiths. And worse still is the European government’s trampling of Christian’s rights to appease the people of another faith; exactly where is the tolerance?

Let’s hope our President looks elsewhere, like the aforementioned American history books, for ideas on how to create wealth and peace and everything in-between in the United States; and not to Europe where religious intolerance is at an all-time high.


Written by Nathan Cherry

September 23, 2009 at 9:44 am

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