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Morality Back in Style – via DriveThru Blog

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A great observation from Bruce at the DriveThru Blog:

So says Professor Eskridge of Yale Law School at today’s extremely one-sided House hearings on ENDA. Eskridge, a self-identified gay man, seemed to be the celebrity witness of the hour or so of the hearings that I watched. He must have referenced the “moral” necessity of ENDA a half dozen times. And he pointedly referred to Congress in particular as our moral leader or example. Really? I was reminded of the recent Rasmussen poll of what the public currently thinks of Congress. But I digress.

The point I was going to make is this: I’ve said before that almost any legislation you can think of has a moral component, but since the 2003 Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas, liberals have proclaimed the death of morality in legislation. Are we back to admitting that legislation has a moral component?  I’m confused.

Seriously, at least Eskridge’s “moral necessity” plea ends one of the Left’s sillier arguments. Now I’m free to argue about the moral necessity for protecting the religious beliefs and freedom of conscience for all of the employers and employees who will be impacted by ENDA. Right?


Written by Jeremy Dys

September 23, 2009 at 4:55 pm

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