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Values Voter Summit 2009:Focus on the Family President Jim Daly & Esther Fleece

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Focus on the Family President Jim DalyWashington, D.C. – Back at the Values Voter Summit here in Washington and the first presentation is by Focus on the Family President Jim Daly and Director of Millennial Studies Esther Fleece; or, as Mr. Daly jokingly called her the “Millennial Czar.”

Daly and Fleece had a conversation with us about the Millennial generation, those between the ages of 15-29. They expressed their concern for the 2020 election when 90 million Millennials will be voting for America’s president. Their concern is in light of the fact that in last year’s election 60 million Millennials voted for Barack Obama. Fleece stated that she was surprised that 60% of her Christian friends voted for Obama. But what surprised her the most was that when she asked them why they voted for Obama they did not have a substantial answer other than to say they wanted change and thought Obama could bring it.

Daly asked Fleece to explain to the people where Millennials are at and how we can reach them with the traditional moral values that has shaped America for the last 200 plus years. Fleece explained that Millennials are wary of party lines because they haev seen deception and corruption in both parties. She further stated that they don’t like arguing or shouting because they really just want everyone to get along. 

Jim Daly & Esther FleeceWhen asked what Millennials are really passionate about, Fleece said without hesitation that they are passionate about life. This doesn’t quite make sense considering that most of the Millennials voted for Obama and that his administration is considered to be the most pro-abortion administration in the history of America. Perhaps the Millennials were fooled, or just didn’t really know where Obama stood. But, she explained, that Millennials consider life in all it’s stages, including pre-born life, infancy, child-hood, all the way to the elderly. 

It was refreshing to hear the statistics from an MTV poll, shared by Mr. Daly:
 – 73% of Millennials said their relationship with their parents made them very happy. 
 – When asked what makes them most happy, the number one answer given was: Family. 
 – 91% said that they believed getting married would make them happy (only 9% said they thought it would make them unhappy).
 – 91% said that they believed having a child would make them happy.

When asked what Millennials are looking for from the older generation Fleece said, “One thing Jesus did very well was leave. Jesus left well.” She further explained that Millennials are in need of education, they need people who will come along side them and teach them. They need people to teach them, train them, and then pass the baton to them and get out of the way; kind of like Jesus did.


Written by Nathan Cherry

September 19, 2009 at 9:49 am

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