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Values Voter Summit 2009: Quotes from Day 2

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Washington, D.C. – Day two of the Values Voter Summit has been no less thrilling than the first. This place, as I told Family Policy Council President Jeremy Dys the other day, is a conservative and/or christian’s dream come true. Here the words that echo through the halls sound more like our founding father and less like a communist dictator seeking totalitarian control. Below you will find some quotes from some of the many speakers here today. I wish I had more space to share more of what has been said, but I think you will appreciate what  has been written.

“An important value is living within our means and being responsible with our finances. To the President: Stop spending the country’s money. And maybe the next time you speak to a group of kids you can apologize for the crushing debt you are placing on their shoulder.” – Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

“People who respect human life are now in the majority…listen to them. Because if you don’t listen to them they will out vote you, they will replace you, and they will overcome you.” – Lila Rose commenting directly to President Obama

“Isn’t the very act of shutting people of faith out of the public discourse the very definition of intolerance? Freedom OF religion is not to be confused with freedom FROM religion.”  – Texas Governor Rick Perry

“Jesus strapped Himself to a cross so that I wouldn’t have to strap a bomb to myself.”  – Dr. Ergun Caner commenting on the difference between Islam and Christianity

“If you change the definition of marriage, you change how parenting happens. If you change how parenting happens you change how kids are raised. If you change how kids are raised that’s how you get ‘Heather Has Two Mommies’ in the classroom. This is more than just an issue, this will change the foundation of this country for future generations.”  – Bishop Harry Jackson


Written by Nathan Cherry

September 19, 2009 at 3:17 pm

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