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Values Voter Summit 2009: My Interview With Jordan Sekulow

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Me with Jordan Sekulow of the ACLJWashington, D.C. – I was fortunate to spend a few minutes talking with Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law & Justice. Mr. Sekulow is the Director of International Operations for the ACLJ. He is a fiery, well spoken man with passion for people’s involvement in their local and national government. As we stood next to the ACLJ booth at the Values Voter Summit I asked a couple of questions of Mr. Sekulow.

My first questions was to ask Mr. Sekulow what he thought the major issues people need to know be aware of and educate themselves on were? Mr. Sekulow said the first issue is healthcare. He said that there is a “systematic scheme of deception by the President and heads of his party.” And that people need to know about this issue and how it will affect them both now and in the long run. He reiterated what many have been saying about the current health-care reform bill, that even though the President says it does not allow for public funding of abortion, the truth is that is indeed does allow for it. Not only will it allow for it, but it will, over time, be mandatory for every insurance policy.

The next issue Mr. Sekulow wants people to know about and educate themselves on is the current weakening of America by the liberal left and Obama administration. He spoke specifically of the dismissal of the missle defense shield over parts of Europe; coming at the same time that our enemies are strengthening their militaries and nuclear programs. By the way, a nuclear missle could reach American soil in just 33 minutes. For more info go to He also spoke of the czar’s the president is installing and teh danger they represent in leading us down a path of socialism. Then concluded by mentioning the president’s judicial nominations; which are not getting much press due to the health-care reform issue. But judicial nominations could be catastrophic toward Americans if they are not strict constructionists that do not legislate from the bench or insert opinion into the Constitution.

Finally I asked Mr. Sekulow where he sees America heading if we do not stem the tide of current political thought. He said that in the end we will resemble a Western European country. he said to think of al lthe government begun agencies and programs, such as the IRS, Social Security, Department of Education, Medicare and Medicaid. Which of these “temporary” agencies is no longer operating? None. The point is that it won’t stop with just taking over GM and healthcare, it won’t stop until the government has their hands in the majority of America, making decisions for us in every facet of life. This, my friends is socialism.

My thanks to Jordan Sekulow and the ACLJ for their untiring work of fighting for the freedoms that Americans have enjoyed for many years. We are proud to partner with them in spreading the truth that government belongs in the hands of people, not in the hands of a few legislators in back rooms at midnight. We will continue to stand and fight with organizations like the ACLJ.


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September 19, 2009 at 12:15 pm

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