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Values Voter Summit 2009 – Lila Rose is a Champion of Life

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Me with Lila RoseWashington, D.C. – At first, she may look like a kid, or just a really young girl that is out of place in a room full of Washington-hardened politicians and media outlets. But all that fades to nothing when you start listening to barely 21 year old Lila Rose talk about her passion for the unborn.

This morning at the Values Voter Summit Lila shared how she came to this place of prominence in our culture as an icon for life. As a college freshman at UCLA Lila went undercover, posing as 13 year old girl seeking an abortion after her 31 year old boyfriend impregnated her. She video-taped her experiences at various Planned Parenthood centers in Indiana, Alabama, Tennessee and Arizona. The footage can be found on Youtube and is shocking to any parent that believes they have the right to know if their 13 year old is seeking an abortion.

After the media firestorm that came from the release of the footage Lila did not become intimidated and shrink away. Instead she became stronger and bolder and will stand toe to toe with any politician, lawmaker, abortionist, or even the President to tell them her message that life is sacred and it’s time to stop killing the unborn.

One day after speaking in her church, Lila was approached by a woman who made the following statement: “I think you are bright, and have a bright future too. But I have to give you this advice as a mother. Don’t say abortion because it offends people. Say pro-choice.” As it turns out this woman was a Planned Parenthood worker and was compartmentalizing her work by refusing to admit that she was killing babies. But Lila made sure to let her know the truth.

Lila Rose speaking at the Values Voter Summit, 2009One more piece of proof that this young woman is full of fire for the work that she calls her “life’s work.” This was her message to President Obama this morning: “People who respect human life are now in the majority…listen to them, because if you don’t listen to them they will out-vote you, they will replace you, and they will overcome you.”

My thanks and my prayers are with Lila Rose and Live Actions Films as she fights for the rights of the unborn. She is just as sweet, humble, and genuine as she appears. But if you dare tell her that the child inside a mothers womb is just a “blob,” you better watch out because she will quickly turn into the fiercest defender of life you’ve ever met.


Written by Nathan Cherry

September 19, 2009 at 11:12 am

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