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Values Voter Summit 2009 – NOM President Maggie Gallagher Interview

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National Organization for Marriage President Maggie GallagherWashington, D.C. – I was happy to have a few moments to talk with National Organization for Marriage president Maggie Gallgher this morning just before the break in the Values Voter Summit. Ms. Gallagher’s strong voice and unwavering biblical definition of marriage might surprise you when you see her short frame, but when she begins to speak you get the sense that she is much taller than her physical appearance suggests.

I asked Ms. Gallgher what she believed the greatest threat against marriage was at this time. Her answer surprised me just a bit, but after hearing her it made complete sense. She said,

“The consensus for what marriage is and what it’s for has been broken. Children need to learn and be taught exactly what marriage is.”

She went on to say that the public fight is important. People need to wake up and realize that this will change America in ways we can’t even dream, and not for the better. Finally, she confessed that we need to learn, as conservatives, as believers, how to teach and translate the definition of marriage as God ordained it to the next generation. I got the sense that she is still wrestling with how to convey that message in a culturally relevant way, but she knows the importance.

I wanted to know what the average American citizen can do to help fight the liberal minority and stop the redefinition of marriage in this country. Many, it seems, feel like there is nothing they can do, and that they don’t have a voice; like it is up to lawmakers and we as citizens cannot stop them. She gave me four thoughts:

1 – Talk to your kids, mom and dad, about what marriage is. Tell them that it was God that ordained marriage and not the government and that the government has no business interfering with a sacred union like marriage. Teach the next generation.

2 – Ask your pastor to help by teaching about marriage, where it came from, how it began, what it means, and why it is sacred. Pastors are great at teaching that marriage is permanent, it is supposed to be lasting and that divorce should never be an option. But they don’t seem to go deeper and explain that marriage is God ordained, not government sanctioned.

3 – Write a letter to your congressman and senators. Let your voice be heard and let your lawmakers know where you stand and that you will not support them if they vote otherwise. Write letters to the editor of your local newspaper so that other people out there know that marriage is strong in this land. In West Virginia ask specifically why, if 80% of West Virginians support traditional marriage, why won’t our lawmakers allow us to vote on it and make it permanent in this state. Good question.

4 – Find an organization like the Family Policy Council ( on a state and local level, or the National Organization for Marriage ( on a national level and partner with them to fight the redefinition of marriage in the halls of Congress.

Ms. Gallagher may appear short, but she is a giant with her life as she works tirelessly to defend marriage for all that hold to the traditional values that made this country great. My thanks to Ms. Gallagher for her time and her dedication to the cause of marriage.


Written by Nathan Cherry

September 18, 2009 at 1:38 pm

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