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Values Voter Summit 2009 – Great Quotes From Day 1

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Washington, D.C. – Here I have listed some of the great quotes from the speakers here at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C. While I don’t have room to list everything I would like to, I believe you will get a good idea of what is being discussed here today.

“The cause of America is freedom and we must never be silent on this cause again.” – Indiana Rep. Mike Pence

On getting rid of the IRS and imposing a fair tax plan: “Once the IRS no longer exists they can’t intimidate pastors for exercising their right of free speech.” – Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee

On her thought after giving an answer that she knew would cause her to lose the Miss America pageant: “Even though I didn’t win the crown that night, I knew the Lord has such a bigger crown in Heaven for me.”  – Miss California Carrie Prejean

“If the church is not being what the church is supposed to be, then America can’t be what it is supposed to be because as the church goes, so goes the nation.” – Kevin McCullough and Stephen Baldwin

“The country wants marriage to remain the union between one man and one woman. The President wants the courts to handle this for him so he and other liberals don’t have to go on record.” – Gary Bauer

“Some guy can, for no reason drill a hole in a baby’s head and the media finds that acceptable?” – Bill O’Reilly

To President Obama: “Stop spending the nation’s money. And maybe the next time you speak to a group of kids you can apologize to them for the crushing debt you are placing on their shoulders.” – Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty

Well, this should give everyone an idea of what is happening here today. I cannot begin to explain it all or give you a just idea of the inspiration being presented at the Values Voter Summit.


Written by Nathan Cherry

September 18, 2009 at 8:06 pm

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