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Values Voter 2009 – Congressman Mike Pence Stands Strong

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Washington, D.C. – Congressman Mike Pence (IN-6), has been in Congress for just about 10 years. His hair is growing whiter with each year, but his voice and his stance is firmer now than it has ever been. His voice grew strong as the congressman spoke of “A great awakening is beginning, I am encouraged.” And from there Mr. Pence proceeded to share why he is encouraged and to encourage everyone in the room.

In addressing healthcare Congressman Pence admitted what every American has known for years, that we all want healthcare reform. The room erupted in applause as  Mr. Pence proclaimed,

“The American people will not stand for government-run health-care that uses taxpayer money to fund abortion.”

Well, Congressman Pence, I could not agree more. Not only do we need some new regulations on health care and a way for everyday average Americans doing their part to be able to afford insurance, but, we need rock solid laws that will protect Americans that oppose abortion from having to pay for it. I cannot figure out for the life of me how it is fair to ask me to pay for another persons abortion even though it violates my conscience, and goes against everything I believe? Somehow this just smells like socialism to me; where independent opinions and personal values don’t matter above public policy.

But Mr. Pence wasn’t done there, he went on to say, “The time has come to deny any and all federal funding to Planned Parenthood.” The congressman believes that it is a failure on the governments part to fund any agency that exports death within or without it’s borders, especially when that agency violates the wishes of the majority of its people. And I could not agree more. Again, why am I paying for Planned Parenthood to exist when I fundamentally disagree with everything they stand for? 

The Congressman closed his address with a story from his home state of Indiana. After the Wall-Stree bailout by Mr. Obama, the congressman went to the state fair to talk with the boyscouts. After it was over and all the people were leaving a man approached Mr. Pence and thanked him for not voting for the bailout. He then told him he lost his job, but was grateful that his congressman refused to vote to bailout the bad decisions of executives. The congressman told the man how sorry he was, thanked him for his support and offered to help. The man then responded, that it was not a big deal because he could “get another job, but I can’t get another country.”

Ladies and gentlemen, let that echo in your ears and heart. This country was founded on the principles of freedom, free speech, life, and traditional marriage. These principles are the rock that our country rests on. If we don’t stand and let our voices be heard we will watch as people slowly but surely chip away at what has made our country great for so many years.

My thanks to Congressman Pence and former governor Mike Huckabee for their strong voice and strong stance. More to come…


Written by Nathan Cherry

September 18, 2009 at 10:15 am

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