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Sen. Erik Wells: Chartering a New Dialog for Students

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Interesting commentary in today’s Daily Mail by Sen. Erik Wells (D-Kanawha).  Wells has introduced, and continues to press for, a bill that would permit the creation of charter schools in West Virginia.  After having been endorsed by the teacher’s unions, Wells is now feeling the fury of a union scorned.  Though much of his commentary focuses on the battle with the unions, he concludes with an interesting perspective:

I am hopeful that when the next legislative session begins, the West Virginia Education Association and AFT-WV will not stand in the way of charter school legislation that gives classroom teachers what they want – control of their careers.

And students what they need – a better education.

After all, shouldn’t the question be about what is in the best interests of our school children?

Ok, it’s the last two sentences that are really decent, but you get the idea.  Just one thing missing in the dialog between the Senator and the Unions: what about the parents?

Read the rest here.

Written by Jeremy Dys

September 17, 2009 at 9:13 am

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