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The Annual Values Voter Summit

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The Annual Values Voter Summit

The Annual Values Voter Summit

Entire event covered by FPC and blogged daily for your reading enjoyment.


By Nathan A. Cherry

 Martinsburg, WV – I am looking forward to attending one of the most anticipated events of the year, the Values Voter Summit of 2009. The summit will be held in Washington, D.C., on September 18 – 19 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

 The Values Voter Summit is a gathering of socially conservative thinkers, politicians, and other professionals drawn together to discuss the hot-topic issues of our day. Topics such as “Defunding Planned Parenthood,” “Obamacare,” “Illegal Immigration,” and “Marriage,” are just some of the many topics that will be explored and discussed during this weekend.

 The sponsors, groups such as the Family Research Council, American Family Association, and American Values, have joined together to bring a stunning, all-star event to the D.C., metro area.

 With over 40 confirmed speakers of the highest caliber in American Politics and civil rights scheduled to share during the weekend, guests will not find a dull moment during this event. Consider, that gathered in one place will be the likes of Mike Huckabee, Ken Blackwell, Gary Bauer, Bill Bennett, Ergun Caner, Bishop Harry Jackson, Bill O’Reilly, Star Parker, Tony Perkins, Carrie Prejean, Lila Rose, Mitt Romney, Stephen Baldwin, and on the list goes.

 You may remember that Carrie Prejean is the former Miss California and Miss America pageant contestant who caused national attention with her answers on same-sex marriage.

 Lila Rose is the UCLA student that caused a stir in the Planned Parenthood ranks by secretly taping herself posing as a 13 or 14 year old minor being told by Planned Parenthood workers that they would break the law and not report her statutory rape; and help her secure an abortion without notifying her parents, despite parental notification laws.

 Events include a special gala honoring Phyllis Schlafly with the James C. Dobson Vision & Leadership Award; with special musical guests, the Sound of Liberty. As well there will be a private screening of “33 Minutes: Protecting America in the New Missile Age.” This documentary exposes the chilling details of how a missile launched from anywhere in the world would only take 33 minutes or less to reach the United States.

 I am thrilled to be attending this event. And, I will be blogging the entire event as part of the Family Policy Council’s media team. So you, our loyal supporters and fellow West Virginians can look forward to pictures, articles, and full coverage of the event posted to our site on a regular basis.

 But let me encourage you to think about attending this event yourself. It is only $99 for the full weekend and there is still time to make your plans to attend. If not this year, think about it for next year.

 For more information visit:


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