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The Social, Economic, and Logical Sense Traditional Marriage Makes

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By Nathan A. Cherry

Martinsburg, WV – “From instilling the rules of cooperation, to modeling the relation between the sexes, to nurturing human and social capital, to helping adults and children think long-term, to solving the universal problem of dependency, marriage does what no other social institution can do. Because it predates society and the state, wedlock actually creates, builds, and renews society. Same-sex marriage — a construct that depends on the state for its very existence — can never duplicate these functions… Given how a rejection of the marriage ideal would make the U.S. look like Europe, the stakes could not be higher.”

 The above quote was taken from a recent article by Robert. W. Patterson called “Marriage: What Matters,” found at  

 Mr. Patterson highlights the enormous stakes, not just to the institution of marriage, but to the overall quality of life in every sector – from social, to cultural, to economic – if the definition of marriage in the United States is permanently changed.

 Patterson points to Europe, where in some countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway, traditional marriage is nearly extinct. In these countries cohabitation and out-of-wedlock childbirth rates are at ridiculous highs, some at 60%.

 Patterson further points out some of the detrimental philosophies of these countries by stating that many in European countries don’t believe it is necessary to marry in order to have children, and that divorce is the “best solution to marital problems.” This only serves to raise children without teaching them to work through relationship issues, and that commitment is overrated and outdated. All this serves to undermine the foundation of society that has been established and helped America to thrive for so long.

 But don’t miss a very telling statement in the above quote; “Same-sex marriage – a construct that depends on the state for its very existence…” Perhaps the reason so many liberals are jumping on the same-sex bandwagon is that it furthers their personal agenda of a government that has its hands in every aspect of life, both public and private. There are those who actually desire to see a Marxist socialism succeed in America. Remove personal freedom, personal opinion, and personal diversity and replace it with a government sanctioned opinion.

 This is the only logical conclusion considering the facts. Facts such as over 60% of Americans support marriage between one man and one woman; according to a recent article by Maggie Gallagher in Facts such as only an estimated 1.5% of people in the United States are self-identified as strictly homosexual (Click here for census numbers).

 So with marriage pulling such strong numbers and homosexuals being such a large minority in this country it stands to reason that proponents have another agenda in mind. Perhaps they see this as the issue that will usher in socialism. Perhaps the enemies of America see this as the issue that will bring America, freedom, and capitalism down. Whatever the reason, Robert W. Patterson’s words ring true, “the stakes could not be higher.”

Further Food for Thought: Report: Aids Cases Up in Gay Men
Gay, Bisexual Men 50 Times More LIkely to Have HIV

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2 Responses

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  2. What an example of twisted logic in an attempt to demonize a group of people!

    Fernando P. Orlandi

    September 7, 2009 at 8:31 pm

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