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Abstinence Education Gains a Victory in Croatia

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Feminists and Abortion groups failed to produce credible evidence of programs failure.

By Nathan A. Cherry

 Martinsburg, WV – I’ve never been to Croatia. I am not entirely sure where Croatia is on the globe either. But I can tell you this; I am a big fan of Croatia at the moment. Recently the Croatian school system adopted a pro-abstinence sex-education program for teaching throughout the country, much to the delight of the vast majority of Croatian families. Of course you know that was unacceptable to the leftist groups within the country that felt the choice of curriculum violated the European Social Charter, a human rights document binding on all states within the Council of Europe.

 In come the feminists groups, and the abortion groups to challenge the decision. They would assert that “a sex education curriculum preferred by most Croatian families violated the charter.” (Click here for the article) And why did they oppose this particular curriculum? According to the article released by the ADF, whose legal counsel Roger Kiska represented the organization which produced the curriculum, the complaint was,

“The curriculum teaches that abstinence is the only guaranteed means of preventing sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.”

 Now, I’m not a biologist, or sex-therapist, or any other sort of medical professional that can be called an “expert” in these matters. But, being a human being with logical common sense I can rightly conclude that abstinence is indeed the only guaranteed way of preventing STD’s and pregnancy. In fact, I am willing to lay my reputation on the line to back that statement up. Barring freak circumstances and acts of God abstinence is the most effective way to prevent these occurrences.

 But I think Mr. Kiska rightly spoke of the oppositions true motives when he said,

 “The committee not only agreed that Croatia has cultural sovereignty over its moral issues, it also acknowledged the low prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancies in Croatia as compared to the rest of Europe. The arguments of the groups attacking the program were politically motivated and had no credibility in demonstrating that the curriculum has resulted in any negative effects.”

 It’s hard to stomach the fact that some people and some groups will put political activism and political gain above the welfare and long-term, overall well-being of children. But that is exactly what was taking place, and that is exactly what is taking place here in the United States. Some groups such as Planned Parenthood are more interested in political activism and bank accounts than the health of children. Fortunately these Croatian groups were defeated and the will of the Croatian people was given precedence. Regarding the people’s will Mr. Kiska said,

 “Parents should be the ones responsible for making educational choices for their children–not leftist activist groups. We are pleased that the European Committee for Social Rights has upheld the right for parents to choose an option that does not violate the core religious and moral beliefs of these families. Had the groups that filed suit prevailed in their attack on this immensely popular program, the ramifications upon all of Europe and beyond could have been enormous.”

 I am happy for the people of Croatia. However I am saddened for the fact that the lawmakers of my own country refuse to accept the evidence of abstinence education and admit that it is a far better option than any sex-education program. Instead they continue to look to their bank accounts and their own ideals and agendas over the facts.

 If abstinence education has produced lower STD and pregnancy rates in Croatia than in the rest of Europe, why wouldn’t it produce lower STD and pregnancy rates in American than in the rest of North America, or even the world?


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  1. […] or abstinence program will keep every child from having sex; it’s just not realistic. Though abstinence programs are far superior and yield far better results than any other programs. Two, it is not the governments job to decide issues of morality for any child. It is the […]

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