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Christianity and Democracy: Submitting to the Existing Form of Government, Part 2

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The following article is another installment of Christianity and Democracy.  This is the second installment to Submitting to the Existing Form of Government which briefly addresses the form of government in the United States of America and how Christians are to relate with it. 

Our Constitutional Republic cannot exist without the participation of American citizens or our obedience to its laws.  If we neglect our role and responsibility then we run the risk of allowing our government to develop into a totalitarian regime without opposition.  It is said that “widespread participation in politics – including voting in elections, contacting public officials, working with others to bring matters to public attention, joining associations that work to shape government actions, and more – is necessary to ensure not only that responsive representatives will be chosen, but that they will have continuous incentives to pay attention to the people.  Because widespread participation is so central to popular sovereignty, we can say that the less political participation there is in a society, the weaker the democracy” (Struggle for Democracy, pg. 9). 

This is why Tom Minnery, author of Why You Can’t Stay Silent, said:

Unlike the Roman Empire in the first century, our country is a participatory republic.  We have the obligation to make our views heard and to get involved in dialogue.  Our government asks us, as citizens, to participate, not merely to shut up and obey.  “We the people” means Christians as well as non-Christians.  Submission in our political system includes being willing to contribute to the political process, not withdraw from it (pg. 100).

American citizens possess an awesome and historically unique privilege and responsibility to be involved within our democratic political process.  Those who shy away from and even scorn our political process are committing an injustice against themselves and their neighbors and ultimately they dishonor God.

For the entire article go here.


Written by Jesse Wisnewski

August 18, 2009 at 10:20 pm

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