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Death Panels Out. Paternalism, Abortion Still In?

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After town halls, a former VP candidate, Chuck Norris, and the blogosphere pointing out that the proposed health care overhaul created – at a minimum – mandated medical paternalism, if not “death panels,” the AP is reporting that the end-of-life counseling provisions will likely be struck from whatever version the Senate considers.

Key senators are excluding a provision on end-of-life care from health overhaul legislation after language in a House bill caused a furor.

Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa, top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, said in a statement Thursday that the provision had been dropped from consideration because it could be misinterpreted or implemented incorrectly.

That’s a relief.  At the same time, Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif) admitted that she thinks elective abortions ought to be covered by state-run health care.  In a town hall yesterday, she had the following exchange (see shaky YouTube version here) with a constituent:

QUESTION: “[This is a] health care plan that is covering abortion, which we know that over 90% of abortions are purely elective, not medically necessary.  Why is this being covered when abortion is clearly not health care?”

REP. LOFGREN: “[This is a] basic benefit plan developed by, um, health professionals . . . Abortion will be covered as a benefit by one or more of the healthcare plans available to Americans, and I think it should be.

We understand, Congresswoman.  We just disagree.  Strongly.

But, it does beg the question, is elective abortion truly health care?  One would think that the standard of care for a normal, healthy pregnancy would be to encourage proper pre-natal care in anticipation of birth.  Not removing a perfectly healthy body from inside of another perfectly healthy body.

For more on abortion and the healthcare overhaul, see FRC Action’s, “Seven Reasons Abortion is in the Health Care Overhaul.”

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Written by Jeremy Dys

August 14, 2009 at 2:20 pm

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