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Christianity and Democracy: Submitting to the Existing Form of Government

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The following is a part of on ongoing series entitled “Christianity and Democracy” taking place at Pre-em-i-nence

If we were to conduct a general overview of ancient history we would discover that governments usually were some form of hierarchy that often enforced its will upon the people through military might and oppression.  In fact, it wouldn’t have been long after Paul wrote this letter that the Roman government, under the leadership of Nero, would have ruthlessly persecuted Christians, claiming the life of Paul and Peter (Robert Gundry, Survey of the New Testament, pg. 12)

So, for someone to be in subjection to the governing authorities of Rome in the 1st century would look entirely different than someone being submitted to the governing authorities of the United States of America in the 21st century.  Our government is completely different than ancient Rome’s; our government is a Constitutional Republic – a government that is dependent upon the involvement of each and every single one of its citizens that it serves (Rabbit Trail: You probably noticed that I used Democracy in the title of this post.  Although I believe our country is a Constitutional Republic, I used “democracy” in the title in order to create an heir of familiarity).

To read the entire article go here.


Written by Jesse Wisnewski

August 11, 2009 at 4:06 pm

Posted in Religious Freedom

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