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FPC Media Blitz: Abortion Harms Women, Mother’s Rights Triumph Over Former Lesbian Partner, Same –Sex Marriage Not the Same as Civil Rights Movement

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By Nathan A. Cherry

 Here are some of the top headlines from around the country that you may, or may not see anywhere else.

 “Poll Shows Abortion Harms Women” – This poll from Marist College shows that over 50% of respondents believe that abortion harms a woman, and does not improve her life. It’s hard to joke about the murder of innocent children. I applaud the brave women speaking out regarding their personal experiences of post-abortive struggles. The government may turn their blind eye to the damage abortion produces in women, but at least someone is speaking up.

 “ACLU Expresses Concern Over Creationism In Schools” – I am not sure what the problem is. Maybe they are concerned with kids learning the truth. Maybe they are concerned with kids developing faith and living as responsible, productive adults. Maybe they are concerned that kids will abstain from sex and not need their government indoctrinating sex-ed classes. Well, whatever concerns they have about creationism being taught in schools, one thing is for sure, the science education will get a lift in quality.

 “Utah Court Upholds Mother’s Rights over Former Lesbian Partner” – A Utah court has correctly rules that the best interest of a child is more important than anything else. They have said that biological parent’s rights are of greater value than the wishes of a “legal stranger.” Finally a court ignores political pressure and stands firm in doing what is in the best interest of a child rather than caving in to absurd ideas of allowing the wishes of strangers to carry weight in custody matters.

 “Same-Sex Marriage and the Civil-Rights Movement: A Problematic Analogy” – Same-Sex marriage proponents love to use the ole’ ‘we are undergoing the same struggles as the blacks of the civil rights movement’ cry. But in this wonderfully written article by Carson Holloway, this idea is given an in-depth look that should embarrass every same-sex marriage advocate for even thinking of using such an analogy. Indeed the two ‘struggles’ are not even remotely the same and should never be linked. I have said it before and I will say it again, I know many former homosexuals, but I have never once met a former black person

 “Pre-Born Babies Have Short-Term Memories” – You read that correctly. A new study out of the Netherlands has shown that babies have can log short-term memories at 30 weeks of around 10 minutes. By 34 weeks they can remember up to four weeks. Why is that studies continually show that children in the womb are vital human beings, and that many countries are banning abortion for this reason, and yet here in the U.S. lawmakers continue to ignore the will of the people and the evidence? Could it be that abortion is such a large money maker for Uncle Sam that they cannot ‘afford’ to see it shut down? It’s sad when money trumps the protection of life.

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