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Romania Gets Marriage Right, U.K. Getting Silly with Tax-Payers Money:

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By Nathan A. Cherry

 Have you ever been to Romania? Ever wanted to visit Romania? After today I have decided that not only do I want to visit Romania to have a conversation with their lawmakers, but, I would like every U.S. lawmaker to do the same. Why? Simply to get a better perspective on same-sex marriage.

 Last week Romania enacted new legislation that creates a stronghold for traditional marriage in the European country. Alliance Defense Fund attorneys, together with the Alliance for Romania’s Families helped secure passage of the bill.

 Just listen to the sane, logical words of Peter Costea of the Alliance for Romania’s Families:

“At this time in history, we should be strengthening marriage, not tearing it down. Government officials take notice when the people make their will known.  That’s what happened in Romania.”

 Did you hear that Mr. Obama? Did you hear that talking heads in Washington, ACLU, liberal, left-leaning lawmakers in congress? He said that “government officials take notice when the people make their will known.” Well when will that start happening in the United States? (Let’s start in West Virginia where citizens want to vote for themselves on the definition of marriage in their state). Let’s recap.

 In every poll and every time citizens are given the chance to vote they decidedly oppose same-sex marriage and its legalization. (Just check out the last vote in California, Arizona, and Florida). Not only that, but without question every citizen believes it is their duty to decide the definition of marriage in their state, not a judge, not lawmakers, the citizens. Just ask the citizens in Iowa, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire if they would have liked to vote on this issue rather than watch activist judges and legislatures ignore them and make the decision for them.

 So, in Romania the people voice their will and the lawmakers listen; it kind of sounds like a democracy to me. Maybe we should send our lawmakers over there for some lessons.

 Let me add this last quote from this article just for those politicians and others who are strong supporters of looking abroad for examples of how we should be doing things in the U.S. (Which, by the way I am not in favor of and think is a silly practice):

 “Americans told by same-sex ‘marriage’ advocates that the rest of the world considers the U.S. out of step when it comes to affirming marriage as the union of one man and one woman need only point to examples like Romania to demonstrate that such an assumption is false:  ‘Romania is one country where American judicial activists will find no support.’” (Click here for source of quote).

 If only judicial activism found no support here in the United States.

 The point always comes back to why? Why are so many so opposed to same-sex marriage? Sure, we can point to the moral aspect of it, but there’s more to it than even that. The point of contention for so many people is making homosexuals into a class of specially protected, and necessarily privileged, citizens. This is why many disagree with hate crimes bills – they say – because all citizens should be protected against crimes of any kind. Furthermore, when you strip people of their right to personal opinion, whether for or against, you remove their first amendment right to free speech, which is particularly devastating for Christians and Christian organizations.

 Finally, perhaps the biggest sticking point is that most citizens do not believe that homosexuals simply want to be allowed to marry. Most citizens believe homosexuals seek universal endorsement of their lifestyle from everyone; which categorically contradicts the conscience and beliefs of many. I personally don’t think it will stop at marriage. Just consider what is taking place in the UK, where recently a lesbian couple won a lawsuit awarding them tax-payer funding for their IVF treatment!

 Are you kidding me? If homosexuals just want to “live a normal life like everyone else,” as they claim. Then pay for your own treatment like everyone else does. Get pregnant like everyone else does. Or is that the point? Is it really fair and balanced to award treatment to couples who choose a lifestyle which makes pregnancy impossible? When thousands of infertile couples are in desperate need of treatment, is it really fair to pay special attention to couples that deliberately leave out key ingredients in the procreation process? Something is amiss.

 Read the article for a profound and wise look into the absolute necessity of fathers AND mothers on a child’s health and well-being.

 Further Food for Thought: “Romania Stiff-Arms Same-Sex ‘Marriage’”
“A Contentious Debate: Same-Sex Marriage in the U.S.” – An excellent article on where the issue began and how we have arrived at this point.
Read the newly adopted Romanian Civil Code, which will take effect on January 1, 2010, here.

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