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BREAKING NEWS: Kanawha County Removes “Sexual Orientation” from Cultural Diversity Policy

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In a unanimous vote on Thursday evening, Kanawha County school board members voted unanimously to remove “sexual orientation” from the proposed cultural diversity policy. This comes after much debate over the controversial wording which would have created a special class of students in Kanawha County public schools.

 Proponents of the measure believe that despite federal, state, and local protections against discrimination that sexual orientation needs special protection. But opponents say that doing so unconstitutionally creates a special class of protected citizens based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity; and by doing so will unlawfully infringe on conscience and religious freedoms of other students and teachers.

 The Family Policy Council has been following these developments and making sure that KCBOE members know exactly where many families and teachers in Kanawha County stand. FPC president and general council Jeremy Dys sent letters and e-mails, as well as made phone calls to the KCBOE in an effort to present a balanced view of such a policy.

Dys shared with the Charleston Gazette, in a story on July 5th, that,

“The policy will lead classroom teachers to teach issues contrary to the beliefs of most parents and families in Kanawha County. The board of education should concentrate on improving reading, writing and arithmetic instead of promoting behavior that is unhealthy, unwise and unwinds the moral fabric of the family.”

Dys and the Family Policy Council, along with other state pro-family groups are thankful for this victory in West Virginia. The KCBOE did not give in to left-leaning political pressure, but struck a decisively pro-family chord with their decision; and unanimous at that.  

When this story first broke we urged you to contact the KCBOE and express your distaste for their proposed policy changes. Now we want to urge you to contact them to express your approval and support for their decision. We here at the FPCWV say “thank-you” to the KCBOE for their decision to uphold the conscience and faith of the vast majority of Kanawha County residents, and residents of the state of West Virginia.

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Written by Nathan Cherry

July 17, 2009 at 2:17 pm

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