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FPC Media Blitz: Catching you up on what has been taking place in your backyard and your country.

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I have been sharing a number of stories with you on varying “hot” topic issues currently circulating through a number of news outlets. These topics have ranged from sex-education in public schools to attacks on the traditional definition of marriage and family. All of which seem to be causing quite a buzz in headlines and the blogosphere.

Today I want to make you aware of some particularly interesting headlines I have read and simply pass them along to you. It is quite a bit of information, but well worth the time spent reading; and let’s face it, you can only watch reality T.V. and reruns so much before complete boredom sets in. So take a look and be among the few well-informed individuals not under the misled, confusing rhetoric of the talking heads and Obama administration.

“God + 2 Parents = Socially Developed Children” – Take a look at this fascinating study that shows how children from intact homes where worship is frequent are more advanced in social development.

“Focus President Applauds Times pro-Marriage Story” – Here you can read Focus on the Family President Jim Daly’s praise for Time magazine’s uplifting article on marriage. Here is a sample:

“There is no other single force causing as much measurable hardship and human misery in this country as the collapse of marriage. It hurts children, it reduces mothers’ financial security, and it has landed with particular devastation on those who can bear it least: the nation’s underclass.”

“Contract Or Not, Lesbian Can’t Be ‘Mommy’” – This is a must read for those believing in the sacredness of the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman. Judge Leon Anthony Dever of Utah’s Third District Court dismissed the case of a woman’s former lesbian lover trying to obtain custody of the woman’s biological son. This is a victory for biological parents everywhere. Judge Dever said:

“Parents retain the fundamental right to exercise the primary control over the care and supervision of their children.”

“Arizona Governor Signs Pro-Life Legislation” – Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has taken significant steps to ensure the health and well-being of women in Arizona in just her first year as Governor. Gov. Brewer has signed legislation making partial-birth abortion illegal, has strengthened parental notification laws, and has protected the conscience rights of medical and healthcare professionals. Let’s hope more Governors follow in these life giving footsteps.

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