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NEA: Have Educators Flunked in Preparing Our Kids for a Career?

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What could possibly be the most important thing to the nation’s largest teachers union? Advancing the academic scores of our children? Working to get America back into the top 25 in any academic testing category? Preparing our children to be productive members of society? Nope. Backing the homosexual agenda, including same-sex marriage, and working to overturn and/or block any federal legislation which would prohibit homosexuals from marrying!

 Appalling as it may be, the outcome remains to be seen of a vote that is to take place at the National Education Association’s (NEA) annual convention being held in San Diego. The measure, if approved, would give full backing to same-sex marriage from the nation’s largest teachers union, which boasts more than 3 million members.

 This proposition by the NEA is dubious at best. But worse yet, it seeks to willfully violate the consciences of many of its members by supporting a lifestyle that many teachers do not support. But even more angering, it would also use these same teachers’ union dues to support that agenda that teachers across the country whole-heartedly disagree with.

 But what I cannot figure out is why a teachers union is wasting its time deliberating on what social agenda to help advance while our nation’s students fall farther and farther back in academic polls. Have the NEA’s directors forgotten that their job is to find ways of advancing our children’s academic scores rather than a social agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with academics?

 Just as in the topic of sex-education, there is absolutely no benefit to teaching homosexuality in our public education system. It does not prepare an individual for the higher education of college, nor does it prepare a student to become a productive member of society. All it does is seek to further indoctrinate children and students with a left-wing political agenda bent on tearing the traditional fabric of our country apart.

 Maybe what the NEA needs to consider is the opinion of American parents who are dissatisfied with such leanings on the part of the union, and their belief that more needs to go into academic emphasis. Of over 27,000 people who responded to a poll conducted by One News Now, over 40% believe that basic education skills of students needs more attention than same-sex marriage. Another 55% said that basic education skills, improved education resources, and teacher salaries/benefits would be better topics for the NEA. It’s not surprising to see that parents want our educators to concentrate on topics of academics over topics of a social nature.

 With the current state of American academics, and the fact that America has fallen behind in world rankings to dismal levels, it seems to me that we need to be concentrating on things like math, science, and English; you know, the things that help in college and in life. I would encourage you to use the phone number below to voice your disapproval of the NEA plunging into social agenda’s at the cost of our children’s education and future.

Contact the NEA pressroom at 619-525-6377 and ask them to reject any proposed business items calling for legal recognition of same-sex unions.

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