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Is Same-Sex Marriage Destined to Fail Before SCOTUS?

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By now you have probably heard that there is a murmur of possibly bringing a case before the United States Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage. The idea is that we can end all the grassroots campaigns and ballot measures with one final, grand case that will be the final decision for everyone. Despite what you may think about this possibility, some people are under the impression that it would be the best thing for traditional marriage proponents.

 Writing for the Culture of Life Foundation, Helen Alvare has some interesting points to make on this topic that should be considered by all; especially those that believe same-sex marriage has been embraced by the majority of this country.

 To save space here I will summarize her main points, but also encourage you to read the full article here.

 Her first point for why it would be damaging for same-sex marriage advocates going to the Supreme Court at this time, and why it would be positive for traditional marriage supporters, is that if such a case is lost for homosexuals it would set back same-sex marriage on every level from federal to state, to local. This supposed civil right for homosexuals to marry would be demoted in value and urgency from its current place in the minds of many lawmakers and even more citizens.

 Point number two is that in its current state the arguments prepared for the Supremes are nothing new and nothing revelational that we have not heard a million times before. In other words, they are not going to shock and awe the Supreme Court into taking a step back and reconsidering anything. Of course this is good news for traditional marriage supporters as we see the same-sex crowd running out of answers and reasons for their position. Conversely, traditional marriage supporters have several thousands of years of evidence for their position. Maybe most troubling about the current arguments is the tone they take. While traditional marriage supporters speak often of family and values, these arguments center on individuals and wants. Not to mention that in traditional marriage family is a natural product, whereas in same-sex unions biological offspring is a biological impossibility. This, for many people, diminishes this so-called right to a wanton desire.

 A third reason that a case before the Supreme Court could be doomed to failure is based upon the current method of legislating. Lately we have seen many courts and judges ignore the clear wording of the Constitution and simply legislate their own ideal and opinions from the bench; the Supreme Court has been known to use this method on occasion. Their renderings have been, at times, seemingly based upon the current leaning of the country, which, same-sex advocates believe and hope is in their favor. But hesitation could reveal that this is not the case.

 The last reason this is an interesting case to watch comes straight from the ACLU: “History says the odds at the Supreme Court now are not so good  because the U.S. Supreme Court typically does not get too far ahead of either public opinion or the law in the majority of states.”  Don’t rush over that statement. What we have is an admission from a high profile same-sex supporter that currently, in America, the majority of the country is opposed to same-sex marriage. This despite what the liberal media would have us all believe; which just proves even more that most people don’t trust their local news.

 To sum up this article let me just reiterate what many of us have been saying all along: support for same-sex marriage is not near as high as the minority would have us believe. Traditional marriage is strong in America, and the greatest proof of that is the outcome at the ballot box every time the citizens are given the chance to vote. This is also why some states refuse to give their citizens that opportunity, and for that they should be ashamed.

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