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Who’s Misconceived?

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By now, most of you know of our opposition to the Kanawha County Board of Education’s press to add “sexual orientation” to the policy manual for Kanawha County Schools.  The policy would hold the paychecks of teachers hostage in exchange for indoctrination on “sexual orientation.”  Teachers shouldn’t be penalized for simply abiding by their beliefs.

In today’s Daily Mail, Ry Rivard provides a balanced article on the issue.  In the article, he writes the following:

School system attorney Jim Withrow said there appears to be a misconception of what the policy does.

“It does not encourage, support or otherwise put forward an alternative lifestyle or encourage other types of sexual orientation,” Withrow said. “All it does is say and make a point of emphasis that we are not going to discriminate against and we’re going to protect people from harassment and discrimination and other maltreatment that may result from their sexual orientation.”

via Charleston Daily Mail – West Virginia News and Sports – Kanawha County – Diversity policy raises hackles .

Indeed, Mr. Withrow, there appears to be a misunderstanding, but it is not with us.

Many of you who have emailed members of the Kanawha County Board of Education have told me that some of the members are giving you a similar line.  They are explaining that you are “misunderstanding” or promoting a “misconception” of the policy’s intent.

We ask you to write them back and remind them that – if just for one question in an online training manual – teachers should not be forced to violate their conscience to promote a political agenda.  The KCBOE should stick to promoting reading, writing, and arithmetic, not promoting behavior that is unwise, unhealthy, and unravels the moral fabric of the family.

BUT, to be very clear, we quote from a GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) online publication called, “Four Steps Schools Can Take to Address Anti-LGBT Bullying and Harassment.”  Here are the four steps that the leading education arm of the radical homosexual agenda is promoting nationwide:

  1. Adopt a comprehensive anti-bullying policy that enumerates categories such as race, gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation and gender expression/identity.
  2. Require staff trainings to enable school staff to identify and address anti-LGBT name-calling, bullying and harassment effectively and in a timely manner.
  3. Support student efforts to address anti-LGBT bullying and harassment on campus, such as the formation of a Gay-Straight Alliance or participation in events such as the National Day of Silence and Ally Week.
  4. Institute age-appropriate, inclusive curricula to help students understand and respect within the school community and society as a whole.


If you have been following this story, you will recall that this proposal began as an “anti-bullying” provision.  That’s step #1 above.  But, it soon morphed into a proposal to “train” staff to be sensitive to issues of “sexual orientation” (which, by the way, is yet to be defined).  That would be step #2 above.

What we can expect going forward is a press for Step #3, except that I would wager several Gay-Straight Alliance clubs have already been formed in the Kanawha County School system.  And, of course, the overall goal of step #4: “inclusive curricula” (like this one from California or this one from Massachusetts) for ALL ages of children.  Yep, that means teaching homosexual, bisexual, or transgendered behavior as normal, acceptable, and something to be encouraged for  ALL children from K-5 to 12th grade.

Mr. Withrow and the entire Board of Education are promoting a policy that places the best interests of politicians (see Del. Carrie Webster’s (D-Kanawha) letter in support of this policy here) over and above the best interests of students.  For whatever reason, they press this agenda while calling the taxpayers of Kanawha county “misconceived” in their understanding of what this proposal will lead to: teaching of behavior that goes against what is being taught in most homes in the Kanawha Valley.

Even worse, today’s Daily Mail article suggests that training on “sexual orientation” is necessary because state and federal laws on hate crimes requires it.  However, no provision in either state or federal law includes “sexual orientation” as a component of hate crimes.

I invite you to visit to read more and find the email addresses for Mr. Withrow and the entire Kanawha County Board of Education.

Share this information with them.  Let them know that the only misconception is their own.

Written by Jeremy Dys

June 29, 2009 at 1:37 pm

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