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What I was ‘up to’ yesterday

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Our colleagues and friends at the Center for Arizona Policy recently commissioned one of their own as he started for Washington, D.C.  He had to get there to take part in an internship on Capitol Hill.  He had the brilliant idea to stop at 10 different FPC’s along the way.  Thus was born, the “2009 FPC Summer Tour” in which Brett Urig would stop at 10 FPC’s in 14 days, covering 3000 miles in the process.

I had a great time showing Brett and his videographer friend around a small part of the Mountain State.  My only regret is that Brett’s battery died in my driveway.  But, I suppose that was better than it dying somewhere on the turnpike towards Beckley.

I invite you to watch the video Brett shot while here, and then visit the blog Brett created for the tour at  There, you will get an interesting perspective as he interviews each of the executive directors of the FPC’s he meets with along the way.


Written by Jeremy Dys

June 25, 2009 at 4:56 pm

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