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Poll: Americans Dropping Support for Same-Sex Marriage

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Knowing how biased the mainstream media is, especially on controversial topics like same-sex marriage, it’s not much of a surprise that the latest CBS/New York Times Poll did not find its way to headlines across the country.

 The results of this latest poll show that only 33% of Americans support same-sex marriage, with 32% supporting no legal recognition whatsoever. (Source:, and

 The most telling aspect of this latest poll is the drop in support from 42% to 33%, a monumental decline by any standards at all; even though CBS only called this decline a “dip.” This 9% decline in support is not much of a surprise considering what has been taking place in America over the last several months.

 Lately we have seen the Obama administration try to redefine all that America is, and has been for the last two-hundred plus years. Though on the campaign trail Mr. Obama proudly proclaimed his “Christian” affiliation, his latest remarks contradict that sentiment as he has declared America not to be a “Christian nation,” but “one of the largest Muslim nations in the world.”

 And then the President declared June as “LGBT Pride Month.”

 So the conclusion, I’m assuming, that our president has drawn about America is that we are one of the worlds largest Muslim countries where Islam needs to be encouraged and given protection and Christianity and Judaism need repressed and stifled, and homosexuals need to be allowed to marry; and just for kicks outsource everything to China while raising everyone’s taxes.

 Is this the American you were dreaming of? Is this the America you hoped the Obama administration would bring about when he declared “change we can believe in”?

 With all of these major culture changes taking place it is no surprise that people are dropping support for same-sex marriage. And the reason is very simple, because people are getting back to their roots, their heritage, and the things that made America great in the first place. Everett Rice of the California Family Council has correctly observed:

“People really recognize their core and their values, their heritage.” “When people want to go in and redefine that, it really goes against everybody’s individual cultural understanding.”

Or in other words, when you push this big patriotic, bible-toting, gun loving, conservative, apple-pie eating, traditional values dog around, he’s going to push back. And one of the biggest ways Americans are pushing back is standing for the traditional definition of marriage that has been foundational to the framework of America for generations.

For most Americans marriage is not some pop culture tabloid topic to be discussed and debated by talking heads, lawmakers or celebrities. Marriage is an absolute sacred institution that carries meaning, significance, and responsibility; and it is meant for one man and one woman. And as long as the Obama administration continues to push morals, religious freedoms, and the identity and heritage of the US out the door, you can expect this American “big-dog” to grow more restless.

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4 Responses

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  1. The “dip” you’re talking about hardly constitutes a trend. National support for gay marriage was at exactly 33% 3 months earlier according to the very same poll. The idea that American support for gay marriage is declining is a joke, especially if you look at the support for gay marriage by age. The younger generations of Americans are much, much more supportive of equal marriage rights… and the oldest generations can’t expect to live forever.

    And 63% of voters support either civil unions or same sex marriage, according to the same poll you just used.

    I’m not going to argue with your moral case against gay marriage… not because I agree with you, but because religious dogmatism will always overpower logic. But if you’re going to use actual DATA to support bigotry, make sure you actually understand the polls you’re using.


    June 19, 2009 at 4:08 pm

  2. The above poster is quite naive about how many conservatives live in the United States and support traditional marriage as between a man and a woman. His 63% percentage that he claimed in a poll is a false number, and support for recent legislation in November 2008 in protection of the DOMA proves that. This poster also thinks that all conservatives are going to die off soon because “they can’t be expected to live forever.” Who does the above poster think occupies the many thousands of Christian, Catholic, Mormon, and Jewish churches across the United States and support the DOMA? There are many families of the younger generation filling those churches and raising their families with these core traditional family values and there are no objections. The majority of numbers speak for themselves. As this subject becomes a deeper political issue in the future, more Americans will speak out at the polls and voice their overwhelming support against it. That is why only 7 states in 50 allow same sex marriage and it isn’t going to increase any time soon, I assure of that.


    June 23, 2009 at 1:46 am

    • Hi Jane! Three points:

      1. Before you call me a liar, I would like to refer you to the same poll you used (and clearly didn’t bother to understand). This is the CBS poll on same-sex marriage. If you look at those who support same-sex marriage (33%) and those who support civil union but not same-sex marriage (30%), that equals 63%. Here’s a link:

      2. Of those under 35, nearly 60% support same-sex marriage. Those who are most opposed to equal marriage rights are those 65 and older (only 24% support same-sex marriage). The younger generation (my generation) overwhelmingly supports marriage equality. Link here:

      3. “Who does the above poster think occupies the many thousands of Christian, Catholic, Mormon, and Jewish churches across the United States”

      Who do I think occupies these churches? Well, for one, MY family. I am part of a traditional family (the kind you love so much!) that attends a protestant church every Sunday. I have attended church all my life, have a good understanding of the bible and other texts written by Jesus’ followers, and was even an officer in my high school’s Christian club. I know a LOT of Christians, and MANY of them believe that God loves gay people and would want them to have meaningful, loving, committed relationships (aka marriage), rather than being forced into the margins of society by people who claim to speak for Him. My family loves Jesus and loves gay people. That isn’t a PARADOX, that’s exactly how Jesus would have treated us. Just because you use religion to validate your bigotry doesn’t mean you speak for God, for your religion, or for anyone besides yourself.


      June 25, 2009 at 3:26 pm

  3. That’s funny, because in 1967, 72% of Americans were opposed to interracial marriage, and yet they made it legal across the board.

    I bring up race because the way you people talk about homosexuals is pretty close to the way racists talk about black people.

    As the first commenter said, I realise there’s very little point in arguing with you because your ideas come from religious dogmatism and not logic, so I thought I’d just point out that although you might be strongly in favour of discriminating against people you don’t understand, it doesn’t mean that those people won’t eventually get the same rights as the human beings you’re not afraid of.

    Marriage doesn’t belong to Christians, or to God, or to any of the other things that you happen to believe in. It belongs to people, and that’s who the government works for. I understand that you don’t like that, but fortunately it remains the case. So the best you could really do at this point is ask yourselves exactly how much more energy you want to devote to getting in the way of other people’s happiness.


    June 25, 2009 at 1:44 pm

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