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BOSTON: The Gay Prom You Would Not Want Your Child Attending!

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Many people are still not convinced that the radical homosexual agenda is much more perverse and dangerous than anyone previously believed. But if that is where you have found yourself, the story I am featuring today should convince you once and for all.

 “This movement has an obsession with kids, and there are no boundaries. It’s worse than anybody thought.”

 This is a statement by Brian Camenker of the organization MassResistance, a pro-family group located in Massachusetts that is fighting the homosexual agenda in their state. Mr. Camenker is referring to an event hosted by the city of Boston, held at Boston City Hall, and sponsored by the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth, or BAGLY.

 What kind of event would provoke such a response? It was a prom featuring cross dressers, homosexual heavy petting, suspected drug use and a leather-clad doorman who teaches sexual bondage classes,” according to the story on World Net Daily’s website.

 The event was advertised as being open for students age 22 and down. And most likely your eyebrow just went up as you wonder what kind of prom allows college students and middle school students to attend together. Common sense says that 22 years olds and 14 year olds should be separated for everyone’s safety; but not at the gay prom.

 World Net Daily secret reporter Max, a 20 year old college student said that no one’s I.D. was checked and it was obvious that people much older than 22 were in attendance. MassResistance rep Brian Camenker wanted to know, “Why would 22-year-olds be mingling with 14 and 15-year-olds?”

 The answer is simple. As we here at the Family Policy Council have been saying, and will continue to emphasize: the radical gay agenda does not stop at the doorstep of City Hall with same-sex marriage. The radical homosexual agenda includes indoctrinating your kids with pro-homosexual ideals, and ensuring freedoms for pedophiles, polygamists, statutory rapists, and a wide variety of other sexual perversions.

 Events such as this are not simply to bring people together and have fun. The gay and lesbian community is actively seeking to indoctrinate kids as young as 12 and 13. The secret WND reporter, Max, even noted that, “he observed several adult homosexuals wearing T-shirts with “recruiter” written in rainbow colors.

‘The intention of these individuals, and of the entire event, is made plain by the slogans on those shirts,’”

 The very idea of this event is outrageous to me, as a father. To think that people would actively seek to expose and introduce kids to this kind of lifestyle is repulsive. And to add to the outrage is the fact that tax-payers helped fund the event since the sponsoring organizations were given a city police presence and use of City Hall. But don’t you know no such sanctioning would occur for a Christian organization.

 Every detail of this horrific event is disturbing. And the 20 year old reporter for WND came away from the event shocked even more than he thought he could be.

 Max said it is difficult for anyone who has never attended such an event to truly grasp the “perversion and disturbing nature” of the prom hosted by the city and welcomed by the mayor. “As a young person who has been exposed to many disturbing things within today’s youth culture, I believed I was prepared to deal with what I saw at the 2009 BAGLY Prom,” Max wrote. “Minutes after entering the event, I discovered that I was not.”

 Further Food for Thought: “Sexual Indoctrination Bill Vetoed”

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Written by Nathan Cherry

June 17, 2009 at 2:40 pm

5 Responses

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  1. I was just wondering, how do you teach homosexuality? And for the “lifestyle” that the homosexuals lead, it really isn’t any different from what heterosexual students do anyways.

    In addition, linking homosexuals with pedophiles and statutory rapists is a false connection. That connection is more related to the age of students attending the prom. Through this connection, I could say that, if there was a prom of heterosexual students advertising “anyone under 22 may enter”, heterosexual proms are a breeding ground for pedophiles as well.

    And is Max really that shocked about the event? Because he needs to get out more. There are plenty more parties that teenagers go to that are far worse than the one he went to. As far as I know, the only repulsive element of the party was the fact that they didn’t check for an ID.

    Also, I don’t appreciate that you don’t really show the other side of the story. There is an obvious amount of bias in the article and if you really wanted to make your arguments more sound, you should really point out more aspects of the repulsiveness of the party, rather than condemn the party without really pointing out why it was such a horrible thing. All you really did was say that the prom was a horrible event because it promotes the homosexual agenda through implication, not concrete evidence. It would really help with the credibility if you could do that.

    You do offer an interesting aspect to the homosexual movement and I would be delighted to learn more, but you should really offer some insightful and sound arguments before you would be able to convince me.

    I will be looking for more articles in the future 🙂

    You have good ideas, but you need to polish them up a bit before submitting them.

    Best of luck,


    Eddie Truong

    June 18, 2009 at 12:12 am

  2. Once again, those who seek to deny the civil rights of gay adult couples to marry look into the corners of anything associated with homosexuality to discredit this singular legal right to a civil marriage. You are confusing the issues. Homosexuality is not de facto associated with activism or radical expressions of sexuality any more than heterosexuality is. Look no further than your local weekly for ads soliciting straight men to engage in sexually-charged commerce with females such as topless bars, “massages,” and escorts. Furthermore, there is, unfortunately and tragically, a large trade in under-aged prostitutes from other countries. Yet, given these exploitations, one doesn’t seek to argue against heterosexual marriage. These are mutually exclusive just as is your attempt to associate this particular event with the fight for gay marriages.

    Jae Peterson

    June 18, 2009 at 1:45 am

  3. What the two comments above glaringly omit is the fact that there were adults at the “prom” wearing rainbow t-shirts with the word “Recruiter.” Secondly, any social gathering that allows 14-year-olds and 22-year-olds to mingle is highly inappropriate and would be a breeding ground for early sexual exploring of otherwise innocent younger adolescents. Also, the activities listed in the article — crossdressers, homosexual heavy petting, suspected drug use, and the “opportunity” to learn bondage classes from a leather clad doorman isn’t anything I would expect to find at my local Christian Church youth group organization or even Catholic/parochial grade school prom or high school prom. That is because those events are chaperoned by PARENTS and members of a church and/or school.

    Something I would like to point out to the above two commenters, my sister told me a bizarre story about five years ago about how her 9-year-old daughter at the time was approached by another 9-year-old girl at a gymnastics class when the girl had cornered my niece alone in a part of the gymnastics center and told my innocent niece that she was a “lesbian” and wanted to be “lesbians” with my niece. After my sister found out what had happened from her daughter, she promptly contacted the gymnastics instructor and owner of the gymnasium and demanded a meeting with the other 9-year-old girl’s parents and explained to them what was going on and how upset she was by it.

    The article above is an excellent example of the aggressive gay agenda trying to destroy any and all boundaries and destroy the innocence of children.

    To Eddie: The way to teach homosexuality is to prematurely introduce innocent children/adolescents to homosexual activity without parental knowledge. I just gave you an example with a family member. I think it is YOU who need to get out more.
    To Jae: Please don’t waste your time comparing adult bars and exotic clubs with a school function for young adolescent children. Your rationale is ludicrous.

    Very well done for the above article. I do look forward to many more. Thank you.


    Jane Miller

    Jane Miller

    June 18, 2009 at 3:36 am

  4. […] Voice, the Blog of the Family Policy Council of West Virginia: Many people are still not convinced that the radical homosexual agenda is much more perverse and […]

  5. Okay, so being a high school student I noticed that the writer of this blog stated the age range of the dance. It’s EXACTLY THE SAME as the age range at a normal high school prom. Seriously, you all are homophobic bigots and you need to pull your allophobic heads out of your own asses and realize that the world is not a “Christian sanctuary” as you all seem to believe.

    Have any you ever realized how destructive the Christian agenda is itself? The Christian church tries to destroy anything that contradicts its beliefs as it has done in it’s 2000 year history. Galileo himself was under house arrest for being an ASTRONOMER! The church flagged that as heresy. The church is corrupt and only exists as a psychological institution of control.

    And to the Jane person above, if a boy of the same age approached your niece I’m sure it would have been absolutely no problem. You might as well have said “a nigger approached my niece which upset… blah blah blah.” It’s the same old story of intolerance and making others into second class citizens to propagate the church’s influence. I also entirely doubt your whole “recruiter” story. If anybody was there, it would have been of their own accord. It is impossibly to recruit somebody into a certain sexuality. I’m 100 percent positive that if you approached a homosexual male, you wouldn’t be able to recruit him into heterosexuality. Your post shows your obvious ignorance of what happens between heterosexual youth at high school events.

    I might as well enter another tangent while I’m at it… I don’t see why people are still blind enough to follow, and yes; FOLLOW, the Christian church. I admit, there are good things in the bible for those that aren’t able to find their own inner strength but it doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to open his eyes and see the world around him. There are thousands of different religions, each one states that all the other religions are wrong and that those that don’t follow the specific sect are not holy. This has a point, I assure you. What is to say that your little sect is the correct path? Coming from an objective atheist, I would say that it’s absolutely ludicrous to put your faith into something with so many holes in it. But to complete my objective, your hate filled, allophobic views darken the world around you and prevent all, including yourself, from reaching their full potential. My advice would be to stop clouding your mind and open your eyes to the real world, not the homogeneous microcosm of your little church congregation.


    July 21, 2009 at 9:45 am

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