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Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right, If Everyone Jumps Are You Going to Jump: Sound logic when one person acts alone against the core values of an entire group.

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Are all pro-life proponents murderers? It’s an absurd thought, yet it seems to be creeping into the minds of people after the murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller.

 It’s no secret that George Tiller was not a friend of the pro-life movement. In the past he has been investigated, charged with performing abortions which violate Kansas state law, picketed, and generally disliked for his chosen profession. But there is one striking difference between all these and the individual who chose to kill him. These are all peaceful, legal methods of showing the outrage felt by pro-lifers for the murder of innocent children.

 My parents always told me, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” I think that can be aptly applied here. Just because I hold to the conviction that abortion in any form is murder, does not mean that it is right to go out and kill the doctors that perform them. In fact, to do so is the antithesis of all that the pro-life movement stands for. And I for one stand in complete condemnation of any unlawful or violent acts against those performing abortions or their clinics.

 What I don’t like, and find generally disconcerting is that the entire pro-life movement, including all its proponents, can be blamed for the actions of one isolated individual.

 Again, let me refer back to my parents’ blue-collar, common sense, wisdom. If ever I did something that was wrong and blamed others for my actions, or said I did it simply because others were doing it, my parents had one question for me: “If everyone jumped off a bridge, are you going to jump too?” Such simple wisdom needs to be employed at the heart of this very issue.

 Can we say that every Catholic Bishop is a pedophile for the actions of a few? Can we say that every person in America from South America is an illegal alien just because some are? Or, how about calling every Arab or Muslim a terrorist and blaming them for 9/11 for the actions of some of their people? Are any of these scenarios appropriate? Of course not, they are logically ridiculous.

 So why then is it even plausible to assume that every pro-lifer is a murderer, or that the entire pro-life movement is at fault for the actions of one man? And why should the pro-life movement have to fear a backlash from President Obama or anyone else for this man’s actions?

 Skeptics say that the strong rhetoric of the pro-life movement is dangerous and should be changed or avoided. Such statements are silly. Yes, we STRONGLY believe that abortion is murder. But nowhere in the mission of any pro-life organization will you find language advocating the violent killing of any human. The killing of any human being goes against everything the pro-life movement stands for.

 To put the pro-life movement in the same category as extremist Muslim terrorists is ideologically contradictory and absurd. One group advocates the killing of innocent people. One group advocates preserving and protecting life, peaceably. And to fault an entire movement for the solo actions of one man is no less than saying that it’s Johnny’s fault that you threw a rock through Mr. Wilson’s window.

 It’s time for people everywhere to stop blaming others for their actions and act like grown men and women and take responsibility for themselves.

 Further Food for Thought:
“Blaming Pro-Lifers for Tillers Death” – Sarah Pulliam at Christianity Today
“Tillers Murder Not a Hero in Any Crowd” – Article in the Oregonian sharing many pro-life reactions to the murder.
“Statement on George Tiller” – Statement from Family Policy Council of West Virginia President Jeremy Dys.

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Written by Nathan Cherry

June 6, 2009 at 12:04 am

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