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Seriously, This Religious Favoritism is Ridiculous: Further proof that the Jr. Senator-turned-President has little idea of what he is doing.

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The European Union Parliament has passed a directive which, if unanimously voted upon by member states, would become law. The directive states that “Christian churches, schools, and social services in Europe cannot limit their membership to those who share their beliefs.” (Read the rest of the article here).

 What!? Exactly what is the point of membership if it cannot have parameters to guide exactly who is able and who is not able to become a member? Does anyone really think it is a good idea to discriminate against churches and other religious and Christian organizations so that they are forced to allow people who do not share, or even oppose their ideals into their membership? (And exactly why does someone who opposes a church group or religious organization want to be among its members anyways?)

 If such a directive is passed, and signed into law, under equality, tolerance, and fairness then, there should no longer be an NAACP, Girl Scouts, men only or women only anything, Black History month (or any other nationality for that matter), or any other sort of club, group, or association that establishes a difference between itself and other people.

 But do you really think that is going to happen?

 Now here is where this topic of religious freedom and tolerance gets just plain absurd. This headline came across my desk today: “Obama: U.S. ‘one of largest Muslim countries’”

 I don’t’ work for the census bureau but even I know that such a statement is categorically false. But, being the unbiased student that I am, I did a minimum amount of research and found that the President’s claim that the large population of Muslim’s in America makes it one of the largest “Muslim countries in the world,” is completely erroneous.

 Toby Harnden, in an article found on the UK Telegraph blog, posts the following:

 “The excellent Don Surber crunches the numbers and points out that Obama’s claim is highly dubious. According to Surber, the US has an estimated three to eight million Muslims, less than one per cent of the world’s total and less than at least 23 other countries. The average claim for the US Muslim population is about six million. The precise figure is difficult to get because it’s not included in US census data and many put the figure at much, much less. But even if we assume there are six million Muslims in the US, that makes it only the 34th biggest Muslim country in the world – behind Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Nigeria, China, Ethiopia, Algeria, Morocco, Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Tanzania, Syria, Malaysia, Niger, Senegal, Ghana, Tunisia, Somalia, Guinea, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Burkina Faso and Tajikistan.” And:

Debbie Schlussel cites a reputable survey by Pew that puts the number of Muslims in the US at 1.8 million. This would make it the 48th biggest Muslim country, after the above list plus France, Libya, Jordan, Israel, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritania, Germany, Kuwait, Oman, Eritrea, Lebanon and Serbia and Montenegro – and just above Britain, which would be the 50th.” (Read Harnden’s article here)

 So as the evidence clearly points out, America is not even close to being one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. We are, however, one of the largest Jewish countries (after Israel), and the largest Christian nation in the world, according to The Standard’s Michael Goldfarb.

With America being home to more Jews and Christians than any other country in the world, why is President Obama not reaching out to those who hold to Judaism and Christianity? If he wanted to be the President of a Muslim nation why didn’t he run for office somewhere in the Middle East? Instead he chooses to make false claims that will only serve to alienate the majority of the citizens he does serve.

 Many lawmakers are seeking to simply destroy any trace of Christianity in America and the world. At the same time that lawmakers are trying to snuff out the rights and freedoms of Christians, they are trying in earnest to protect and widen the freedoms of Muslims. Is this not religious favoritism? Is this not the very definition of intolerance?

 If we are going to protect religion then we absolutely MUST protect all religions and the free exercise and expression of those religions. If we are going to say that religious organizations cannot dictate membership based on any set of standards, then this ruling must apply to every group and organization the world over. To do anything less is nothing more than religious persecution.

 President Obama would do well to research his facts before making claims that serve no other purpose but to alienate the majority of citizens of the country he serves. It is interesting however that during the election he would only claim to be a practicing Christian and wanted no part of discussing his Muslim heritage and background. Now he seems quite open to discussing and advancing it.

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Written by Nathan Cherry

June 3, 2009 at 7:02 pm

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