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The Last Obstacle Standing in the Way of Social Liberalism:

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What is at the core of the same-sex marriage movement? Is it the freedom to marry anyone we choose? Nope. Is it equality in society with heterosexuals? Nice thought, but wrong again. At the core of the same-sex movement is universal acceptance for a particular lifestyle among people of all gender, nationality, and most notably, religion; and ultimately the complete repression of religious rights held by persons and organizations that morally object to the lifestyle.

 No doubt there are some homosexuals who simply want the freedom to marry and enjoy the benefits of a socially recognized marriage. But these are few and far between. The reality is that many same-sex proponents, including every liberal lawmaker in the land, sees an opportunity to silence the conservative, religious majority on the way to a new, so-called improved, socialist state.

 But, as Maggie Gallagher pointed out in her spot-on article for National Review,

 “A funny thing happened on the way to defeating Communism. Religion has emerged as the sole institution standing in the way of a powerful neo-statist liberalism, in which equality doctrines are used not as a shield but as a sword — to legitimate state intrusion into once-private realms.” (Read the entire article here)

 You see, the government knows what many proud, conservative, deeply spiritual Americans have known for many years. If you effectively silence the religious institutions there will be no one left to stand in the way of total government control and regulation of every facet of life. Make no mistake about it, the government wants absolute separation of church and state, but only so far as the insertion of church morals and beliefs into government are concerned. On the flip side the government wants no less than to regulate and micro-manage every religious group and organization to make sure nothing is said or done that big brother does not approve of.

 Hypocritical? In the very least. But more accurately it is communism at its best. The government wants to tell every person exactly what to believe, what is right and wrong from the time they enter pre-school until they collect that last social security check and Dr. Kevorkian pulls the plug on the ventilator. And the only way to accomplish this goal is to silence the religious, conservative majority of Americans by relegating free speech and religious speech to Sunday-only-behind-closed-doors-rhetoric.

 Don’t be fooled by the trickery of the leftist propaganda machine. Just because President Obama claims to be a “Christian,” his words mean very little until he shows evidence of his faith. But so far he has done nothing of the sort. He, in my humble opinion, is merely playing games in order to lull the millions of devout believers asleep before swiping their religious rights. Again referring to Ms. Gallagher’s article,

 “One way is to narrow religious freedom’s scope while claiming to endorse the principle in general. So the Human Rights Campaign believes it supports religious liberty because it does not intend to have the government jail pastors who refuse to perform same-sex unions. Being American liberals, they feel pretty good about themselves for permitting religion to live quietly and impotently behind closed doors.” (Need more evidence? Check out this article relating what is happening in Europe, and soon will happen here).

 Simply put, religious, conservative Americans cannot afford to fall asleep at the wheel at this time. We are seeing freedoms stripped one by one at unprecedented rates; and battles for more freedoms rage each day. This is not the time for the warm fuzzies; this is a time to be steadfast. If we want to continue to enjoy our freedom, we must be willing to defend it.

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Written by Nathan Cherry

May 29, 2009 at 6:17 pm

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  1. You realize that as you write about
    standing up for your “freedoms,” you are endorsing the removal of the very same fundamental freedoms from same-sex couples. Your fear is blinding you to your own double standard. It’s ok for you to marry the person you love, but it’s not ok for others because YOUR religion (and not necessarily theirs) condemns it?
    Additionally, your assertation that all most same sex couples aim for when demanding their right to marry is social liberalism is beyond ridiculous. I have several friends who are gay and they simply want recognition as two individuals who are dedicating their lives to one another, not some political agenda.
    Your failure to accept all those made in God’s image is your own undoing.


    August 24, 2010 at 3:58 pm

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