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Marriage Prevails…Again!

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By now you have probably heard that the California Supreme Court, in a 6-1 decision, upheld the vote of over 7 million voters in California, amending their state constitution to uphold the definition of marriage.  

The decision reminds us that in America, we honor the results of fair elections.  The California court arrived at the only correct conclusion: the people have a fundamental right to amend their constitution.  Californians knew what they were voting on – marriage as one man and one woman.

Tuesday’s decision finalizes the second time that Californians have voted to affirm the definition of marriage.  In 2000, California voters defined marriage as one man and one woman in state statute.  After the California Supreme Court found that statute “unconstitutional” last year, voters voted again – this time to define marriage within the state constitution last November.  As in California, when marriage goes before voters, it is always affirmed.  In fact, all 30 states that have allowed the people to vote on the definition of marriage have amended their state constitution to define marriage as one man and one woman.  To date, nearly 40 million voters across America have voted for marriage.

The question remains, will 1.8 million voters in West Virginia get the same opportunity?  Or will politicians continue to pander to the 0.3% of the West Virginia population that is currently living in a same-sex relationship?  

While no constitutional amendment defining marriage within a state constitution has ever been found “unconstitutional,” unaccountable courts and progressive legislators continue to push the radical homosexual agenda on an unwilling public.  In the process, they continue to invalidate defense of marriage acts (DOMA’s), like West Virginia’s, and work to repeal the Federal definition of marriage – each makes same-sex “marriage” a closer reality in West Virginia than many people think.

Legislators are in Charleston for the next couple of weeks.  Now is a good time to call your legislator or email them and remind them to let the people vote.  Take some time to review the resources available at and then ask your legislator to let you vote on the definition of marriage.

One man.  One woman.  That’s marriage.



Written by Jeremy Dys

May 27, 2009 at 1:48 am

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  1. What a shame. Bigots (and you are bigots) have been given the right to vote on whether or not the Constitution should apply to people you don’t like. Equal protection under the law is too much to offer all Americans, apparently.

    I’d like very much to be given the opportunity to vote on whether churches (especially those that lobby against basic human decency) should be granted non-profit status. I’d also like to vote on whether West Virginia should have any electoral votes in national elections. After all, if enough people vote for something, that’s all that matters, right?


    May 27, 2009 at 2:32 am

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