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Chuck Colson: Same Sex “Marriage” and Religious Liberty – What do we do?

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A few posts below, you can read Chuck Colson’s commentary from yesterday’s Breakpoint.  Today, he picks up where he left off, saying, in light of the threats to religious liberty and the first amendment, 

[W]hat can we do about this? How can we protect our First Amendment rights—and marriage itself?

First, if you are victimized by a gay activist group or same-sex couple demanding that you throw out your religious beliefs, contact the Alliance Defense Fund. They have spent many years defending the First Amendment right of religious believers—rights now under brutal attack.

Second, we’ve all got to work together to protect the integrity of marriage. Learn how by contacting the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy. You’ll also learn why we need to pass a federal marriage amendment. I know you’re getting fatigued, but it’s time to stiffen our spines.

College students who want to learn how to defend traditional marriage should go to the Ruth Institute website and sign up for a summer conference. The Ruth Institute also offers a list of people who will speak to your group about marriage. Or, you can purchase a same-sex “marriage” home party kit, which includes DVDs, bumper stickers, and wrist bands. Have your friends over, and use the kit to teach them how same-sex “marriage” will harm everybody.

The issue is critical. We all must learn how to answer the charge of “bigotry,” and winsomely explain why marriage cannot exist between same-sex couples; and how same-sex “marriage” will not broaden marriage, but radically and dangerously change its nature.

via Demanding to be Served – Prison Fellowship

I would hasten to add that, if you are a West Virginian, in addition to ADF, IMAPP, and the Ruth Institute, you should get involved with the Family Policy Council of West Virginia’s project,  Follow the link to learn what you can do to defend the design of marriage.

One man.  One woman.  That’s marriage.


Written by Jeremy Dys

May 13, 2009 at 2:53 pm

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