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Will the Bandwagon Have the Intended Effect?

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Nathan’s article (below) is insightful and raises another interesting question, “What will be the effect of the bandwagon?”  

I found this conclusion rather striking from the article Nathan linked to below:

Nothing is inevitable, and the attitudes of young people can change as they age. Iowa will be especially interesting to watch. But even aside from the dramatic developments of April, Sager is right about the trend. Call it an avalanche or a bandwagon or whatever you like, the political and legal momentum is unmistakable. It’s different from that other major moral and social issue, abortion. Thirty-six years after Roe we are not seeing a bandwagon effect on that issue. Thirty-six years after Goodridge things are likely to look much different. People will continue to oppose abortion long after they’ve stopped opposing gay marriage, even though both are lumped together now as “family values.”

via The Volokh Conspiracy – – .

I disagree in one point of perspective, however.  The perspective may not be will the bandwagon effect last.  We ought to consider the perspective of the immediate with regards to future consequences of the latest bandwagon.  

Throughout the history of politics and public policy, we have seen bandwagons come and go.  The most striking example , for our purposes here, is that of abortion.

In the name of “progressive” ideology, the bandwagon got loaded quickly after the woman’s liberation movement reached its zenith.  It was the bandwagon of political pressure and public foment that demanded the “right to choose.”  That led to the creation of the legal right to privacy, found somewhere in the shadows of our national guiding documents, according to the learned justices.  That led to legal bandwagon-ing that created a full-fledged right to abortion at any stage of the pregnancy.  

In short, the bandwagon that seemed so hip and free that started before Roe has led to the slaughter of nearly 50 million innocents.  It has divided a nation with no hope of compromise.  It has become a litmus test for judicial thought and a political nuclear option when before the right crowd.

The long and short of it is that the bandwagon is hardly right.  Whether the same-sex “marriage” bandwagon is right is not really the question.  The question should be whether there ought to be a bandwagon in the first place.  Because there already is one, and one that is clipping along at a break-neck pace, we ought to now ask the question, what will be the future consequences of the present reality?  

Rather than satiating the desires of adults – as the bandwagon did with abortion three decades ago – we ought to consider the ill-effects that will arrive for society, children, and families as well.  

Proponents of the redefinition of marriage are very much focused on the present.  While many are dismissive of future ill-effects, some admit that they are the most logical next steps.  Do we hear the rumblings of the next bandwagon?

Written by Jeremy Dys

May 8, 2009 at 3:15 pm

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